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Chet Baker Suffers for Our Art

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

 Chet Baker tries. Oh, he tries so hard to please us. This video neatly encapsulates his relationship with Phoebe, who torments and bedevils him for her own (and her mother's) amusement. It is subtle, but it is all there for those who know this little gentleman. Like a fine actor, he can convey raging emotion with the twitch of an ear or the turn of a flew.

This particular evening, Phoebe had the idea to offer a bikkit to Chet Baker, without telling him what she wanted him to do to get it. So The Bacon ran through part of his trick repertoire, casting about until he settled on the one that would unlock the bikkit hand. Play Dead and Stay Dead was the key.

Do not miss the disgruntled look he gives me, the snickering videographer, at the outset of the bad dog training session. Why do you let her do this to me? Nor the stink-eye he levels at her. You and your stupid hand signals that don't mean anything.

 Phoebe often proclaims that Chet Baker secretly hates her, but we don't think that's true. When she gets home from school he's a black inky streak out the door to greet her.

At the end of the session, we had to wipe up a small pool of Baker drool on the kitchen floor. How this dog suffers for our art.

As I write, Chet has a red bow around his neck and a cookie sheet sticker on his back. He is working on getting the neon-green fur off several tennis-ball type dog toys, using a wadded-up Christmas stocking as he platform. He started raiding all the presents, taking each one to the back of the couch, and chewing holes in the paper at about eight this morning. As soon as he figured out there wasn't a dog toy inside he was on to the next. He made an exception for a Hickory Farms summer sausage... Don't worry. He got five of his own presents. It was a very Bacon Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Chet Baker fans everywhere.


Chet, I hope in the dog world there is such a thing as 'payback'... but for now, just Merry Christmas!

Santa brought The Bluebird Effect-- I'm looking forward to savoring it!

Deb Marsh

Call me Mrs. Snortay for there are a gaggle of gutteral guffaws gravitating from my gullet that are gallivanting around my galley getting gleefully glad greetings from my gallant gentleman, who is greedily gulping a grapefruit and glomming and gloating over a glass of grape or grain, which, i can't glean.

This was very funny.
Thanks for the Christmas Gift!

Ahh, Mr. Chet Baker. I hope there is doggeh payback! If this bad dog training happened today, Phoebe best check her bed tonight before she crawls in--I suspect you may decide to leave her the bikkit you FINALLY got to eat--but post-digestion! Ahem. Julie, your laughter during this video was delightful!

I can imagine Chet saying (in a voice eerily similar to Marvin the robot in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy): What indignities I suffer! Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and I am reduced to performing tricks for these monkeys with ideas above their station. *Sigh* Oh, very well... I DO love those treats....

Posted by Anonymous December 26, 2012 at 4:00 AM
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