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Kids and Horses

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We have been coming to North Dakota for a long time. 

This June will make our tenth summer that we've given ourselves the gift of the prairie. 

I have been sifting through photos, and gathering my favorites from 2011 and a few from years past.

When we first came to North Dakota, Liam was too young to bring along, so he stayed home with GeePop, who simply refused to bother with diapers and in one swell afternoon toilet trained Liam.

This is a few years later. We've found some very sweet horses standing out in a field near Chase Lake, and we've come to pet them.

It was here that I took one of my all-time favorite photos. If there is a horse with a kinder eye, I have not seen it. Phoebe reminds me of a little Raphaelesque madonna.

Fast-forward to 2011. There's something familiar about this scene.

Recognize anyone?

The horses seemed as happy to see us again as we were to see them.

 Only the paint was from the original crew. But oh, it was good to see him again.

If we could have fit the paint into our suitcase and taken him home, we would have.

We are so looking forward to another spring on the prairie. See, 2012 marks the tenth anniversary of the Potholes and Prairies Birding Festival in Carrington, North Dakota.

And we will be taking the kids.

Not leaving them in Fargo, as we threatened to do last June.

 Be good, little children...


I adore your stories and photos, and the horse laugh just made my day!!!
I can't stop smiling back at him.

Julie, If You feel the 'urge' to pat some nice horsies in Wa county my sister is just down the road from you ! : ) The paint was a sweetie - ScZ

What is it about PAINTS? Who doesn't love them?

Is this where Mr. Ed retired to?

Well, my horse of course has an equally kind eye, if not even kinder ;-) Sweet photos.
Sorry to see that the horses are behind barbed wire (is that what it's called? We call it 'prikkeldraad').

My feel-good story of the day!

(thinking I made a comment, but it was set aside to be moderated while you were in S Africa) I am loving this post. My grandparents had a ranch outside Bismarck, and summer highlights were visiting them and being with the horses and barn swallows. Thanks for sparking sweet memories.
That paint seems to love the attention as much as you all loved seeing it again!
Kathy in Delray Beach

Posted by Anonymous March 1, 2012 at 4:54 AM
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