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Happy Birthday, Red Angel

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy birthday, Red Angel. I'm going to take you back to North Dakota, because we had such fun there, and because you still had all six wisdom teeth when we were there in June. I figured you would want to see photos of yourself just as the Lord made you.

You are an excellent driver (of golf carts). Even though Al Batt doesn't look so sure, Ann and Ernie Hoffert trusted you, and so did I. I would ride in a golf cart with you anywhere. I think that's about the happiest I've seen you in a long time, tooling around in a golf cart as the sun sank in the prairie sky, throwing your head back and laughing.

I love to watch you discover nature. You field a giant puffball tossed your way without squealing and dropping it. I like that. Maybe you wouldn't eat it if I cooked it up, but you get points for catching it.

You are a creative girl, a girl happy to leave mysteries for others to decipher. If there even are any others out here.

You are kind to animals (even ones that don't match your color scheme)

and to your little brother, and he loves you endlessly for that.

You are becoming a true connoisseur of food and eating establishments both humble and grand. And you show the makings of a pretty good cook, too. You're fun to be with

and highly attractive to strangers. Strangers have the best candy.

Almost most important of all, you're hilarious, and being hilarious is a prerequisite in this family. 

Did I say you're beautiful, too? Oh, sorry. 

Happy birthday, Beautiful. The white lilacs pale beside you.

Thanks to Ann and Ernie Hoffert for the magical gift of prairie places, their glorious gardens, and their friendship. 


Happy Birthday Red Angel!
Even though it was a brief meeting, at the Space Coast Birdthingie, she was impressive from the first "Hello".

Hold her close, birthday card writer, this time goes super fast.
As you know.

Best to all and again, Happy Birthday, Phoebe!

Happy Birthday, Phoebe. You are all your mom writes of.

Happy Birthday, Phoebe! Enjoy every minute and all it holds for you.


A very happy birthday to your beautiful Phoebe.

Happy birthday, Phoebe, our Rachel shares your natal day, we are celebrating at our house, too.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pheobe. I hope you have the BEST day! So much love from your Aunt Barb.

What a beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday Phoebe.

achingly dear, all the way around.xxoom.

Posted by Anonymous July 11, 2011 at 7:11 PM

A day late to join the birthday wishes.
Nothing better in this world than a mother and daughter.
That's the best birthday gift of all--mother's love.

Happy birthday Phoebe, hang in there Dad.


These moments are to be treasured, as I know you do. For phoebes soon fly, while we with our feet on the ground, watch in wonder at strength and grace on the wing.

Love to all the nestlings on Indigo Hill.
Warm fuzzies to Phoebe.
You're simply the coolest thing ever.

Happy Birthday!! Although I do not know you personally, I enjoy your mom's posts. You are obviously loved! Blessings to you!

Six wisdom teeth, my goodness! I have only two and at 60 yrs old they're still firmly planted in my jawbone

Posted by Anonymous July 13, 2011 at 6:24 AM

Happy birthday, Phoebes! Did you know that the latin name for puffball mushroom means "wolf fart?"

That last shot is especially fine! Hope it ends up in a frame.

How in the world did I miss this post?

Another happy (if belated) birthday, Phoebe, from both of us!

Posted by Anonymous July 23, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Oops! That was me. Clicked the wrong button.

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