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Berry Greedy Pickers

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

 I can tell you that $41 worth of blueberries will just about break your arm. So we bring auxiliary containers  (plastic buckets) to dump the booty into so we can keep picking with our light little Easter baskets.

I wanted a shot of Liam walking his berries up to the garage to be counted.  But I had to stop in the middle of shooting. "Don't swing a full basket, Liam!"


  And here goes Phoebe with hers.

 Not until I got this shot on the screen did I notice I'd captured a priceless moment in Liam's sweet life. Craack! Whump! Dump!

Classic! Look at his mouth, wide open. Ohhh! Dang!

Phoebe, of course, stopped to help him recover his fruit.

There was a little fellow at the cash register who was only too happy to ring us up. His mom had a terrible time keeping those fingers at bay. He wanted to punch all the keys at once, and he came at that little adding machine like a baby octopus. "I try! I try!" And she let him punch in our sale.

 Needless to say the Thomas the Tank Engine PJ's, worn all day long, endeared him to me forever. Not to mention his passionate desire to help his mom. I remembered Liam always punching keys on the credit card machine at the grocery store. He'd get so frustrated when nothing happened. His momma's a cash type.

 Too soon, it was time to turn for home. We could have picked until nightfall, but I was out of money. And truth to tell, I made a cobbler with the last of the frozen berries from June 2010 to make room for 2011 fruit in the freezer!  That's what happens when you have helpful kids (one of whom once wore his Thomas pajamas all day long, too)

and beautiful blueberries, with the greenywhite promise of more to come. Ahh, Summer. Could you just linger awhile longer, spread out your gifts through the long dull winter?


Looks like a great activity.

Happy Birthday!!!

My favorite berry. I pick and pick and flash-freeze like I'm going to the First Bank Of Oatmeal.

Mmm, blueberries! What's not to love? Fresh, freezable, dryable, and the one fruit I never, ever tire of. Blueberries love it here in the valleys of western Oregon, including ours, the watershed of the Tualatin River, a tributary of the Willamette. (Say WiLLAMette, non-Oregonians.) I hope to have enough to preserve a bunch this year--tough when the berries sit there, their blue flagging temptation, but the turtles and I have two new bushes to supplement the three that came with the house. Unfortunately, the one by the sidewalk got stripped yesterday--too tempting for even this "safe" neighborhood. Sigh. It's hard to share with those who steal.

Sounds like a lot of fun!!! And I agree, summer should stick around a little while longer :)

wow i love it berry picking ha

Woah looks amazing, I love to mix blueberries with my protein powder to make berry fluff. Great post and you look like you had fun!

Cereal with blueberries for breakfast, yum! I love the shot of Liam with his basket, and Chet trotting alongside. Does he help? Our dog plucks the berries right off the bush.

Congratulations on making Blog of Note! Great blog you have here. Lots of cool stuff that I like. I'm in!

Blueberry picking is great. We Michiganders do it, too. Lots of fond childhood memories :)

these berries look really tasty. we don't have this in our country. the only ones that we get to taste are those packed in cans.

Your not lying that looks like a whole lot or blueberries...planning on making of lot of different that good post coming..


Hola que buen Blog, saludos desde México

I like the way you presented your post along with those photos. Kids love it.

Lisa from Country Guitar Lessons

The planned shots are nice and good for the story but still, the best was the unexpected. I love Liam's expression!

I remember picking raspberries with my grandparents in Pennsylvania. It was always so much fun and your fingers were deep purple afterward and for some odd reason, you couldnt eat much food at dinner time.. :) It looks like blueberries are not as messy, but probably just as fun! :)

This seems to be a sole blueberry blog - only posts about blueberries on the first page... ;-))

Hi Julie! Your lastname Zickefoose doens't sound very American at all. The fact that you live in Ohio makes me conclude that you may have German ancestors.
Your lastname could be a combination out of the German words "Zicke" [nanny goat, also bitch - sorry for that!] and Fuß/Fuss [foot]. So all in all "foot of a nanny goat"... ;-)

Am I totally off the mark??

Regards from Germany, Uwe.

Your part of the country looks wonderful . . . the blueberries, too!

Nice blog! Congrats on blog of note. I live in the flat north central part of Ohio but was recently down to the hill country camping with my family. I even picked some berries myself.


I thought I was going to see the orioles, waxwings and robins that have been stealing my mother's currants and raspberries from the title of your post. These birds are a much better kind, they only eat some of them, and bring you the rest for later. :o)

Wonderful! Terrific!
Blueberry picking is awesome!

I loved how you have done your blog :) I sure can learn from you :)

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Vicarious blueberry joy through your family, Julie! Thanks!

I thought I'd have plenty of blueberries of my own from my back garden, but the birds seem to be getting them all. Even before they're ripe. Oh, well.

I went blueberry picking last weekend, and I now have a greater respect for all berry pickers! It's fun, yet hard work! Love the post! Your pictures are awesome :)

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I love picking fruit! Our family does this every summer too. My son is planning to be a picker in Grande Prairie next year.

Posted by Anonymous October 26, 2012 at 10:00 AM
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