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Chet Baker and the Mystery Box

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Years ago, my friend Shila gifted me with a mysterious box which, when turned upside down and then righted again, makes a delightful pinging sound at random intervals. The mechanism is a sticky ceiling, a bunch of BB’s, and three miniature brass cymbals. When you turn it upside down, the BB’s stick on the ceiling, then release randomly, pinging on the cymbals as they fall.  I really like it.

So one day I turned it over and left it there on the floor where it attracted the immediate attention of Chet Baker, who was sure there were hoodoos or perhaps very small animals inside playing the cymbals. 

Because dogs trust their noses more than any other sense, Chet tried to smell whomever might be making music in the Mystery Box.

His trusty nose providing no information whatsoever (metal has very little smell), Chet listened and looked.

He sniffed and sniffed again. Nope, no clues. But the musical pinging kept occurring, randomly. If it had been a regular sound he'd have found it easier to ignore. 

Our muffled snickers notwithstanding, Chet kept at the mystery, as a bulldog will. He doesn't give up easily. Just ask the chiptymunks he corners under a big flowerpot near the Bird Spa. 
He's good for a couple of hours of waiting. He's like an Eskimo waiting for the harp seal to come up for  a breath of air.

My favorite photo of him listening. He looks like Ferdinand the Bull, sniffing flowers.

Finally he'd heard enough. With a thoughtful look, he turned on his heel and was done with the Mystery Box.


Isn't that the cutest thing. You can just about read his mind with those pictures.

And they say cats are curious.
Thanks for the Baker fix.

I want one!

Oh my gosh, my Boston, Freddy would so get into that! Such great entertainment!

I wonder if he'd get sucked in if you do it again -- after a decent interval, of course. Love the Ferdinand pose!

I think Chet definitely has some Science Chimp in him (...or, maybe Science Chimp has some Boston Terrier in her!?)

Oh, cool post and very cool box. Where can we get one?!?

Posted by Michelle from Ohio July 20, 2011 at 8:12 AM

Intensity! Then wisdom.

Gasp. There was a mystery box just like that in our rental house in Ocracoke this spring. Fiona couldn't get enough of it but Ferghus was immune to its charms. He's not as evolved as Chet Baker.

That is the cutest thing ever. I love that his name is Chet Baker, not just Chet or Baker. Do you call him Chet or Baker? Beautiful blog, btw!

Chet Baker - that was one big mystery, wasn't it? Did you ever figure it out? I hope you got some treats for your efforts!

Very interesting,like it.

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