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Fluffernutter for the Dog-lover's Soul

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dunno about you, but I'm ready for a Chetfix.

I'm ready to think about anything other than rabies. I'm ready to live again, to work myself to the bone digging in the dirt and weeding and tilling and planting. Which I've done all day (Saturday) and with the help of my Garden Mule (Bill) we got the garden tilled and the peas and lettuce in. I then moved on to weeding and fighting invasive running bamboo that a gardening "friend" gave me about ten years ago. Hah. With friends like that, who needs enemies? It took me two hours to dig it back out. It had sent 8' runners a foot below the surface in every direction, like a metastasizing vegetal tumor, but I think I got them all. You dig and pull, dig and pull until you finally unearth the pointed tip of each iron-strong runner. The lawn looks like a bomb went off in it, but better that than going down in history for having introduced variegated running dwarf bamboo to Washington County. I am convinced that, left unchecked, it would cover the earth. Garden Chimp Tip: Avoid it. And burn the runners when you dig them up.

I got my first rabies prophylaxis shot on Wednesday afternoon and I have to say that the fat syringe full of evil-looking magenta liquid scared the bejaysus out of me, I mean, knowing that that stuff was going right into my bicep was not fun. But the nurse was skilled and the needle was fine and sure and begorrah it didn't hurt at all. Not only didn't it hurt, but I was never sore afterward. So I'll have another this Weds. and the Weds. after that and then I can help bats if I want to. All by myself, just me and my antibodies working together. I'll buy a welder's mask for Liam if he wants to watch. "Thank you" sounds so flaccid, so limp, for what you've done. I have about a month's worth of thank-you notes to write and a big fat donation to the Ohio Wildlife Center to make because you guys went nuts, you really did, and I got my inoculations paid for and then some. So the then some goes to OWC, because they're REALLY helping people and wildlife, and on the grand scheme of things I'm just fooling around, writing about it, making it sound like I'm really doing something when I'm not.

Speaking of fooling around, you haven't had a Chetfix for an age and I need one too so here is a portentious post about a dog chewing on his foot. It is heavy with meaning, drama and life-or-death choices. No, wait. That's not this post. This'n's fluff. Fluffernutter for the dog-lover's soul.

Ever wish you were your dog? With nothing to do but soak up the sun and think about...nothing?

This seems like a good time to chew my foot.

It is a delicious foot, tasting of grass, popcorn and pee pee.

I feel bad that you cannot chew your foot. You are not flexible enough to do that, or many other pleasurable things that dogs can do.

oink oink oink oink
the sweet click of toenail on tooth

They do not call me Little Cat Dog for nothing. I am clean and catlike, and I never need grooming because I groom myself. I always smell like sunshine.

Except when I fart. Then I smell like Satan's ceegar.

I chew my Nylabone, and get little crumbs of it all over Mether's Guatemalan bedspread. But she hasn't made the bed today, so maybe she will not notice. Mether buys me the gummy Nylabones so I do not break my teeth. Katdoc says the hard Nylabones are too hard and will shear off my molars. We do not want that. Mether is happy to clean up all the Nylaboogers I make so I do not break my teeth. Even though I am a strong chewer she buys me the crumbly puppeh bones. She loves me.

By the way, did you know that Katdoc is going to get her very own Boston terrier? I like to think that I, Chet Baker, had something to do with that. I am an ambassadog for the breed. My breeder Jane says I have sold more Boston terriers for her than Mether will ever know. Because mine is the finest breed of doggeh, and Jane is the finest kind of breeder, I believe that is a good thing.

My charm is irresistible.

Nylaboogers are a small price to pay for bringing laughter and solace to writers with bad judgement.

Everyone needs a doggeh to snuzzle

to nap in a spot of sun.

It is important to have someone around you with nothing to do, someone with nothing on his mind but kisses and cuddles, if you are to make it through the day. My job is being here for Mether, 24-7, 365, and I am very good at my job. But Mether does so many things that helping her get through her day is tiring, and now it is time for my mid-morning nap.

Good day and Happy Easter.


Those pictures are ADORABLE! Such a sweet looking dog :)

The Chetfix was most welcome. And two starlings just Did It in the flowering pear tree outside my window. Happy Easter!

Posted by Anonymous April 4, 2010 at 2:24 PM

What a GOOD dog he is!
Thanks for the ChetFix - great pics and the inner dialogue makes me laugh.
And a very fine idea, too, to give the extra cash to OWC.

....and all lived happily ever after!

Thanks for the Chetflix, and

Happy Easter!!!

Love, love, love. Toenails on teeth, empty-headed. Priceless.

Good dog, Chet! And good job, Mether, for not photographing some of the *other* things that Chet might want to lick.

Zick: Hope the shots aren't too painful. I don't remember mine being magenta, maybe because I closed my eyes.

Chet: May I come and visit you in a few weeks? Your Aunt Jane will be there, and she will be bringing me a little doggeh like you. I hope you will like her. But, you will still be my very favorite Boston Terrier in (Washington County) Ohio.
Love from the Doc

The Tao of Chet at once precedes and encompasses the universe, and can never be fully understood.

Not to be confused with the Te, or essential adorableness of Chet, which simply is.

He is most excellent at his job. And fine. An exceedingly fine-looking, smooth-coated, round-headed boy. Anyone with that much wonderfulness packed into his being has to have one unperfect attribute -- it's a rule -- so if his is smelling like Satan's Ceegar, so be it. Satan's stinky stogie is fair pay for such a fine dogie.

Oh Chet, I often want to be nothing more than a doggeh with nothing more to do than lie in the sun and think about... nothing!

Up here in the cold north we are still waiting for that lovely sun. No peas and peppers and tomatoes up here yet!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Demmit Julie, how is it that you manage to make me laugh and cry at the same time?

Oh my, what a wonderful post to read on a Monday morning. Satan's ceegars? He must clear a room with his rear-end emanations. Thanks for the fix!

I often look at the little orange guy happily chewing his feet and I think, if only ...

Just sayin: Chet has never indulged in that Other Thing Some Dogs Do. I think it has something to do with his barrel chest and short muzzle. Or the fact that he is, simply, a gentleman. Yeah, that's it.

My Sam is an obsessive licker of her front feet, hasn't discovered her hinder parts as yet.

And as to that comment about Chet thinking about nothing, FOR SHAME! I am sure he (and all other Boston terriers) are contemplating what they can do next to make life more enjoyable for their people.

Or mulling plans for world domination...

Thanks for the laughs, Julie!

A Chetfix is perfect! Cute doggeh toes, cute doggeh nose, and such a erudite vocabulary, complete with expressions.

Happy garden time, Julie.

Thanks for the Chetfix - definitely most needed here. Ahhh, to be a loved dog. . . And I'm glad the scary rabies shots didn't hurt or leave you hurting!

Whenever we see a Boston Terrier we always say, "Look there's Chet Baker." He's a famous boy from coast to coast!

Glad the vaccine isn't so bad and that the OWC will be a recipient of some of that love and good will. Yay!

Dear God, Julie. I've missed all this agony and showed up today and saw the title of your post and smiled.

When I finally got to this sentence:

"When the Lord handed out reverence for small lives, he dumped the whole bucket into my heart. As my dad always said, "You've got your priorities backwards." . . . .

I smiled and tears welled in my eyes.

It's a serious affliction.

I know. I've got it.


Bless you and yours.

It's a better world for you being in it.

The pictures of Mr. Irresistible are...irresistible ! And I love the "Tao of Chet" comments by Luisa.

The OWC donation is a wonderful idea, everyone can feel good about that.

Enjoy the sun !

Good boy, Chet.
Look after Mether.
She is harder on herself than she should be.

Oh, how I've missed you, Chet Baker! And you too, Zick; I've been remiss in my blog-reading. Hope the other rabies shots are as painless as the first.

You're a good egg!

Wow. Look what happens when I don't visit for a few days. I'm very sorry about what happened with Darryl, but glad that you and Liam are OK. Great Chet Baker pix. He has it made!

Posted by Anonymous April 6, 2010 at 9:41 AM

Good old Chet! There is something about my cats chewing the outer sheath of their back claws off that is utterly fascinating and calming for me to watch...go figure.

Yes, donate to the OWC. If it's anything like our Second Change Wildlife Center in Maryland, they need all the help they can get!

Never, ever say you 'do nothing and write about it'. Please don't do that to yourself. I think every poster here would disagree, as would the many little lives you have saved.

And Chet, I won't ever buy a purebred but I have to admit, if I were it would be a BT and yes, it would be because of you.

Wow! Chet chews with an intensity rarely seen. There must have been something extremely tasty wedged between his toes.

I feel SO much better that your are getting your vaccinations, don't you just feel safer. I have to admit...I thought you'd already received them so didn't think was an issue. Dumb me! BTW...I'm microbiologist/Infection Preventionist Science Chimp. Up my alley so to speak. I also love bats (bat houses in my yard), I just don't play with them. (I'm not vaccinated)!
We're looking to get a bulldog, a pics of Chet!

Posted by Anonymous April 7, 2010 at 10:12 PM

I am a huge lover of bats, and have been reading (with trepidation and bated breath) the posts about your special house guests.

That said, it was so nice to get a Chet fix, I really needed that. To that end, I think you would enjoy this photo that a friend sent me.

It is not his doggeh, nor mine. But definitely smile inducing.

Image link:

Posted by Robynn McCarthy April 8, 2010 at 8:02 AM

Wak wak wak wak wak!! Soo cute! Something about those Boston faces that just makes me laugh and want to kiss them. A good thing to have around the house, no?

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