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Baker, Beeched

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chet Baker likes beech trees, old hollow ones with high squirtle and racketycoon potential. The terrier part of him comes out of hiding when he fearlessly enters their depths to investigate. You might be surprised to find me a rather lassiez-faire dogmom. I let him do his doggly things, within limits. At five years old, Chet has a good understanding of those limits. Cattle herding is out; he knows that. Horses are to be approached gently. Squirrels, rabbits and deer are to be chased, but only for short distances, and never pursued into briars (gotta take care of those googly eyes). Hollow beech trees are to be investigated. Offisa Pupp jumps on the case.

Into the beech tree he goes.
Perps beware: you're about to be told to move along.

Little-known Chet trivia: He has a jaunty white chevron just above his johnson. Boy, that's a weird shot.

It matches his Michael Jackson paw. Wouldn’t be hard to pick him out of a lineup.

He peers up into the hollow tree and

sassified that there is nothing more to find, he exits, covered in beechdust

To make a Christopher Robin moment for a mother, watching her two boys

On a walk almost forgotten, but preserved in precious images she's saved in the ether.

His sweet sleepy head sags on my arm as I share them with you.

He’s not heavy, he’s my heartbeat.

Photo by Bill Thompson III.


awwwwww, stop already... (some of us don't know how much we've missed a Chet fix... until, we get one).

It's a good thing my dog can't fit inside a beech tree! She does like to pursue chippymunks when she can.

It is great that Chet knows his limits.

Omygosh! what if there is a snake... a POISONOUS snake in there? ::::Shivering::: Chet be CAREFUL!

Don't forget that dogs lead with the nose. Chet's extremely wary of snakes and gives them a wide berth. At some point you need to stand back and trust a dog's higher sensory powers and his instincts (unless he's on the lip of cliff, and then you use a leash).

Oh my, when I need a good laugh and cry, I have you, dear.

Laughing from from squirtle and racketycoon potential to a teary-eyed sigh on a Christopher Robin image.

My day is complete.

Both of my Bostons respect snakes, instinctively. Curious and nosey, but they know to hang back...

Oh, Chet, my cat-lovin' heart has ample room for a fab, inquisitive, jauntily-marked cat-dog. With style, no less.

This is all so warm, Julie, from the tones of the leaves in the first shot, to the cozy curl-up in the last.
I never tire of these comforting thoughts.
Glad you've saved them for cool spring days.

I agree with Nina so glad you saved them for a cool spring day. I'm already craving Autumn nights and spring has just begun!


Posted by Anonymous April 23, 2010 at 8:01 AM

Gotta say, I'm developing an appreciation for animals what wear their tails low. (I'm looking at you, Tater.)

Baker's tail is congenitally demure. However it looks like a turd, which cancels out a lot.
The high-tail thing is probably the main thing my dad didn't like about cats, TATER.

Hope he's coming to WV

Tater's sorry, she's just airing it out. So would Chet have a scut?

I am here from Murr's blog (on my daughter's computer, which just ate my last comment, grr) and I was wondering where I know your name from. Do you do the Harbor Springs art show on July 4th? Because I think we may have met.

Dear Middle Aged Woman,

I have never done anything productive on July 4 other than eat hamburgers and cringe at the booms. Don't know where Harbor Springs is, don't do group art shows...I think we're striking out. But welcome to the blog!

I had a childhood dog that treed a rabbit in a very similar fashion.

Both went up the inside.

Rabbit won.

He's not heavy . . .

Honey, you can break a heart like nobody else.

Funny about these little dogs. An older gentleman was walking past my house a few days ago with a Boston Terrier.

I accosted them as I hadn't had a dog luvie in days.

As I was chucking J. J. under the chin I remarked that I knew of a blogger who was nutso over her Boston Terrier and that she was a nature writer and an artist, too.

He mentioned that he liked to paint dogs and wildlife and I thought how sweet - this fella's taken up painting as a retirement hobby.

He walked away and I crossed the street to greet a neighbor who informed me that I'd just be chatting with Harold Roe - the painter.

I had to chase him down a few days later for more dog luvies and he laughed heartily when I explained my take on his having developed a retirement hobby to wile away his time.

love this.

Posted by Anonymous April 26, 2010 at 5:25 AM

Oh yay - Chet Baker doing an honest day's work with that unmistakable Chet Baker pizaaz!

Happy dance!

Chet's a lucky dog to have such a great backyard to explore (and a Mom who lets him do it and records the fun to share with those of us not fortunate enough to have a Boston of our own). Thanks for the Chetfix, Julie!

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