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Halloween Fun

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I know. Halloween's a long way away. And so am I. I'm sitting at home by the fireside canning blogposts on a quiet November Sunday afternoon. Bill's in Texas. Phoebe's curled up with a book, Liam's reading; Chet is chewing a Nylabone at my feet. As I write, I'm looking forward to a ten-day natural history trip to Guyana, to not having to think about my blog for ten whole days.

So I'm looking back and writing ahead, picking and choosing topics that will sustain the effort in my absence. I'd love to think that at some point I could relax about it all and just go, leave a little note on my virtual door, Gone Birding. I'm not there yet. True or not, I believe that all my readers would up and leave if I were to do that, lovely as it sounds.

And so I give you some images from Halloween past, a wonderful costume party thrown by our fabulous friends Jess and Andy. Jess is a Muse, which is appropriate for a singer, musician and voice/piano teacher--My Voice Teacher!!, and Andy is a Pastafarian. He has a Flying Spaghetti Monster on his shirt, but his dreads hide it. This link is why I love Wikipedia.
Lots of people look great on Halloween. They manage to be slightly menacing or odd and alluring at the same time. Cathy and Martha are prime examples of this approach.As is Andrea.Clay as Cool Hand Luke definitely qualifies. He's carrying a specimen that he drinks from.Sarah made the scene, palin around with terrorists. (Stole that line from the Kinsey Sicks).

I happen to think Halloween should be scary, and Bill and I dress accordingly.BOO!


Julie, you need not fear you will lose your audience. Your writing is worth waiting for. I do hope you have a fantastic time on your trip. Actually you should be on the return flight by now. Full of interesting blog fodder.

All you have to do when you travel is post a photo of Chet, holding a sign saying "Come home soon, Mether."

His fans would visit every day, keeping your blog active and your stats high till your return.

Plus, I'm sure your Chinese spammers would still comment in your absence!

Missing you,


I recognized Bill, but who is that next to him? I'm laughing out loud! I agree. Halloween should be frightening. You did good.

Julie, your absence from the blog would only make our hearts grow fonder. Do what Katdoc suggested.


beautiful friends. come home safe. the studio anxiously awaits you guys.

Julie, you amaze me. Stockpiling all these posts so we would not go into withdrawal, bless your heart. ;c) But the truth is that we'd wait for you to come back, and here we'd be. Hope you are having the time of your life in Guyana and can't wait to hear all about it.

Got my day off to a good belly busting laugh. Your husband is a good sport and so are you for keeping up your blog in advance. Hope you are enjoying your trip!

Hi Julie,
I am new to your blog via our "Bluebird Notes" newsletter. I read your entry about the feet of bluebirds which I found very fascinating. I am glad you figured out how to remedy the problem. I will visit often. I love the bat photos too.

Hello everyone! On my last morning in the field in Guyana, sweating quietly and not just from the extreme heat. It's the humidity, as they say. It's gotten to my laptop and twice now it has refused to start until I set it in the blazing sun for a half hour to try to dry it out. Ugh. Trying to get it out of here still alive.
It's quite a thing, to have watched capuchinbirds on the lek all morning, then to write to you all while waiting for our plane back to Georgetown. I've got a couple of days of hard traveling before I can kiss those babies of mine.

Hi Julie,
I think you could safely put up your virtual "gone birding" sign and we'd all still be here when you get back. But I also appreciate that you did all these posts in advance for us loyal fans.

Caveman Bill cracked me up....did you find that bone in the backyard?

Love cave man Bill!

Well, here's hoping that BOTB does some serious evolving before you get home!

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