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Letting Go

Thursday, September 6, 2007

When did this happen? When did the goldenrod come out, the dogwood begin to turn?

When did the sun begin to slant low and golden at only six o'clock?
When did my spherical, bald baby grow a head of cornsilk, stretch out like taffy, throw away his training wheels, and climb on a grownup bicycle? When did you stop holding the seat, stand back and watch him ride?

When did an autumnal haze begin to settle over the meadow in the mornings?
When did the tall thistle bloom?When did the Cape May's gold tarnish to green?

When did the hummingbirds leave?
I must have been thinking about something else, because I missed all these things. They've gone on without me, and I'm standing here, looking out over the meadow, wondering what I'll do without them.

I'd like to call back summertime
And have her stay for just another month or so
She's got the urge for going
I guess she'll have to go.

Joni Mitchell, "Urge for Going"


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