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Knick Knack, Paddywhack, Give this Dog a Home

Monday, February 5, 2007

No, no, no, not THIS dog. Read on...
Sometimes I wonder if people who read this blog look at Chet Baker and think, "That's a cute little dog. I might like to have a dog like that someday." Although you can expect a certain amount of breed chauvinism among dog owners, Boston terrier owners are particularly devoted to their dogs. Their lovability index is very high. BT's can be energetic, bouncing like rubber balls when they're happy, but they are also world-class nappers, floppy and warm as ragdolls in the sun. Baker, awakened.
They're smart, and they have an incredible sense of humor. They live to make their people laugh. They're athletic, and fast as greased lightning. They mind pretty well, though they have their own ideas about where they ought to rank in the household and are given to pushing the envelope from time to time.
Phoebe and Chet. Paws up! They're both in their tie-dyed T-shirts.

They have googly eyes and they like to kiss on the lips, so you have to be fast if you don't. They don't bring dirt in because their paws are small and smooth. They're about the cleanest, lowest maintenance dog you could ask for, and they smell wonderful. They're a snap to bathe when they try to make themselves smell even more wonderful by rolling in something. When they shed, they shed little black eyelash hairs, which show up really well on white linens, so you can tell what stage of the molt they are in at all times. Some of them snore. They like to sleep under a million covers, and they hate the cold and extreme heat, just like people do. Most of them enjoy wearing sweaters and polo shirts. Bostons bark only when necessary, to tell you someone's coming or invite you to play. They're just the right size to sit on a lap or sling over your shoulder. They have a sixth sense about their owner's well being, and will do what they can to make you feel better when you're blue.

I have offered to help Susan (of Susan Gets Native) find a home for Boomer, a Boston terrier that showed up in a shelter near her home in Cincinnati, emaciated and running loose. Having followed the adventures of Chet Baker, Susan thought Boomer would fit seamlessly into their household, but her cats thought otherwise. Boomer is everything good I've described, and he gets along well with other dogs, but he wants to eat Susan's cats. This has proven to be a problem, since there are five of them. He's up to 25 pounds now, silky, shiny, healthy, neutered, housetrained, about two years old. He loves to fetch, and knows the command, "drop it." He loves to play, and needs to be reminded to play easy, but he is very gentle. (Chet Baker needs to be reminded, too, and he knows but does not follow the command to "drop it," so I think Boomer has one over on him.)

Here's Boomer, probably looking at a treat. His markings are classic.

Here, he's beginning surgery on an elephant.

I found Chet Baker in bed this morning, praying that Boomer will find his forever home soon.

If you have a cat-free home and think you'd like to join the happy ranks of Boston terrier owners with a housetrained, sweet and loving two-year-old neutered male, contact me here.
Thanks for any help you can offer. This ends our public service announcement.

An aside: I wound up taking the computer to the hospital that same Friday afternoon that it died. I'd already blown the day coping with its funeral arrangements; might as well transport the body. There is some hope that Apple will cover the repair, since blown power supplies and logic boards are a "known problem" with young Macs. Ominously, I was told that there are computers awaiting these parts without so much as a promised shipping date for them. Five hours of straight driving, just to learn that. Ah, life in the country, life with computers.


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