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What's Sexy?

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Once in awhile as I'm vegetating in the grocery line, I'll pick up a so-called women's magazine, and there will be an article entitled, "What's Sexy?" And there will be lists of what somebody must think is sexy about a man. Things like nice suits and good shoes and great eyes and massive pecs... Good grief. Maybe I have a strange idea of what's appealing in a man, or maybe they're all missing the bigger point. Bill has all those things and more. It's the more that gets me. Here's my sweetie, interviewing Phoebe and Liam about their respective school days. I submit these for your consideration.
Liam had a very bad day at school, so bad he didn't want to talk about it. Apparently he forgot to bring money for the book fair so he could buy a book, and muttered aloud in the library that he was "pissed." Uh-oh, some sixth graders who overheard him told the librarian who told his teacher, and he got a talking to. He's a product of his environment, that's all I can say. Poor thing is being raised by wolves.
Liam loves to cook, and whenever he sees me in the kitchen he asks if he can help. He wants to be a chef in the dining car of a train when he grows up, so he can feed people and watch the scenery roll by. Beats Burger King. Now, my mother is an excellent cook, and I loved to help her too, but she didn't let me actually do much of anything, because it was bound to be messy. I am trying to be more lenient with my kids so they learn not just by watching, but by doing. So Liam turned the burgers tonight. The plastic bag headgear was his idea. Like I said, raised by wolves.

Getting back to the question of what's sexy: Our weeping willow, planted in honor of Liam's birth in 1999, has got it going on. February first, and already unfurling leaves. Now that's sexy. Stupid, but sexy.

I think that I shall never see
A tree as sexy as Bill T.


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