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Live and Learn--Salvia Seeds and the USPS

Friday, February 24, 2023

 Dearest readers and supporters,

I never dreamt I'd have to write this post, but I've received two photos from people who ordered the Salvia patens seeds from my last post, and in both of them, the seeds have been crushed. In one case, to an absolute powder.

Below is how the seeds looked when I packed them. There is a piece of card stock behind them, and I double-wrapped the plastic baggies in corrugated kraft paper to protect them. 

I bought stamps and put them on by hand so they wouldn't go through a postage meter. 

What I didn't know is that each envelope would still go through a machine that flattened it and crushed the seeds.

These seeds, in another photo from a customer, aren't as badly crushed, but I still see debris that shouldn't be there.

Just goes to show you that the sweetest dreams can always be crushed, when you don't know what happens after something leaves your hands. My friend Cynni, who used to work at my local post office, explained to me that I should have put two first class stamps on each envelope, and asked that they be hand-canceled, not sent through the machine. She would have been happy to help, but she doesn't work there any more. Oh, how I miss Cynni.

If only I'd known. I don't even want to think about the disappointment of seeds, so lovingly gathered and packed and received by you, that won't be coming up. For you, and for me. 

I could grow more this summer, collect them next fall, and send replacements to anyone whose seeds were crushed in this shipment. But life is so short.

 Better: I can try to get my hands on some replacement seeds, and send them out as soon as I can, so you can still start them this winter. I'm leaning toward that solution, but it depends on how many packets arrived crushed. If your seeds arrived crushed, broken, or otherwise not perfect,

please send your request for replacement to 


 WITH YOUR MAILING ADDRESS, and I will start a list to replace the seeds. I really want you to get them started as soon as possible,  so I'm going to make that happen.

I repeat: PLEASE SEND YOUR ADDRESS with your replacement request.

If your seeds arrived intact, please email me anyway and let me know! I need to know how many 
of the envelopes got crushed, and whether any viable (i.e. intact) seeds survived the postal machinery.

Live and learn. And if you screw up, make good on it.



Miss Julie I am so sorry this happened l, although I am retired I am always here to answer any questions. If I could have stayed in my little post office instead of having to convert to a career position I would still be there, helping my customers anyway I can. Sometimes, (well a lot of times) the postal service can be a real pain! From the loss of your mealworms to this incident they can look really bad!!!

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