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Meet Me in the Meadow

Thursday, January 24, 2019

From her brief encounter with TinyTine, Flag made her way out to the meadow, an almost visible trail of pheromones floating behind her.  Me, running from the studio to the living room, and easing open the deck sliding door to shoot the action.

 Buffy, her constant companion, at far left, then the spike buck I call Lil' Pisser, and TinyTine the ten-point at far right on the border.

Buffy picked up her head to watch, because clearly something was going to go down, with her girlfriend Flag stinkin' up the place. 

first, Lil' Pisser had the bad judgement to walk up and challenge TinyTine. Really? You're a YEARLING. But there's no mistaking his laid-back ears. He looks ugly.

One light shove and Lil' Pisser knew he was outmatched. L.P. never hesitates to throw it down. He loses every time, but he's gonna be a badass when he grows up, that's clear! Ain't skeert.

Be off with you now, L.P.

 Meanwhile, up walked the beautiful young 8-point I call Ringo, for the wide white ring around his muzzle.  You see how his antlers are high and big, but don't spread beyond his eartips. Less than 4 1/2 years old. 

 Ringo was trying to get a location on Flag, picking up her chemical beeps. It was Flehmen Friday again!


He doubtless knew that TinyTine was right behind him.

TinyTine walked up behind Ringo, who ignored him as long as he could. Look at the set of TinyTine's ears. Ut-oh.

Ringo turned to answer the challenge. A buck won't just let somebody walk up behind him without turning to face the music, points forward.

Ringo walked right up to TinyTine, who had stopped to be considered.

And they...kissed?

 This was getting interesting, but it would get a lot more interesting before the session was through.


I love reading these deer soap operas. Tune in tomorrow to see what happens. Will TinyTIne stand his ground. Will Ringo win Flag's affection. Stay tuned.

Perhaps Ringo and Tiny Tine leave together??😊

Wait, didn't I see this episode on "The Young and the Restless" once before...?


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