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Remember Pinky?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

You'll remember Ellen's twins, Flag and Pinky. Flag, the doe, is a regular in the yard now. I'm delighted to say that Pinky lives on, though he's much more rarely seen.

Here he is on January 7, 2017. Just wee buttons on his fawn forehead. Born in the spring of 2016.

This elegant little fellow tiptoed into the yard on October 5, 2017.

When he raised his head, I knew him.

There's that pale pink nose. And now he's got a graceful lyre-shaped set of antlers.

I see Ellen in his face.

He came back on October 18, and it looked to me like he'd had an allergic reaction to something--his eyes were pink-rimmed and his muzzle was bright orange! 

He had a line of beggarticks stuck over his left eye.

You can see his white spats, Ellen's mark.

It thrills me to pieces to have these pretty little bits of Ellen coming to my yard.

What a difference nine months make! Stay well, stay safe, dear Pinky. I hope I get to see you all grown up, like your big brother Beck.

Pinky  Jan. 7, 2017

Pinky March 11, 2017

Pinky October 5, 2017


Pinky is breathtakingly beautiful; those lyre spikes are a crowning touch!

Just remembering your post about Ellen´s death breaks my heart. It cheers me that you provide a safe haven for her youngest children.

I thought I could see Ellen right before I scrolled down to your same statement. What is this?? I can't even write her name without tearing up. I'm so thrilled that she has left her offspring under your lovingly watchful eyes. I'm sure you tell them that she is not forgotten, just as she probably told them where to find you. Much love.

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