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Young Love and Sweet Rolls

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Phoebe was 15 and Corey was 17 when they met in Maine, in June 2012, when he was enrolled as a camper and we were teaching for Hog Island Audubon Camp.  Liam and Phoebe were along for the ride, eager to soak up the scene off Maine's coast. When I got a load of Corey Husic in the field I knew that he could have been teaching right then and there. And in fact he was, every step of the way. Insects, birds, plants, amphibians, ecosystems...he's got it all packed into his head, and he moved naturally into a leadership position with the other Corvids (teen campers), teaching all the way.

And in an unsurprising twist of destiny, Corey will be an instructor for Hog Island Audubon Camp in the summer of 2017!

Here he is in the summer of 2012, helping us with dragonfly ID.

Liam was so little, yet still so funny. Here, he's making the whole group laugh (well, Hunter's preoccupied) with his antics.

What's wrong with this photo? Corey and Phoebe aren't arm in arm! See, they don't know they're in love yet.  But I was already taking photos, because I had a feeling it was going to happen. I liked that red-headed boy, a lot. 

And sure enough, he and Phoebe started sending messages back and forth as soon as the session ended.

It was a whole year before we met Corey's wonderful folks, both college professors; Diane now Dean of the School of Natural and Health Sciences at Moravian College; his dad David Professor and Head of Chemistry at Lafayette College and a killer old-time fiddle and guitar player.

 There was a whole year of messaging back and forth before Corey and Phoebe got to see each other in person again--at this brief get-together in Pennsylvania in June 2013.

Corey made his first long interstate solo drive to come here for Phoebe's birthday that same July, and a lovely tradition of Indigo Hill idylls began.

Ah they look so young here!

Baking's always part of the scene. 

So is hiking, birding, botanizing, and rolling around in the joy of Appalachian Ohio, summer or winter.

June 2016. I love this shot. Like a still from a country music video. Pickup trucks, fishin' poles, down by the river, girl you're killin' me in them Daisy Dukes, bla bla bla

January 2017. All bundled up and birding from hayrolls!

Like a complete fool, I went back on the Atkins Diet three days before Corey arrived this January. 

Like many a great notion, that was destined for failure.

What are you gonna do when the house fills up with a scent like that? When each new day brings a fresh baking project with eager kids putting plates in front of you, playing to your every weakness? I ate the rolls. And the shortbread. And the pie. And the dang Chocolate Chip Nutella Lava Bombs. For ten days.

 And I'm  paying for it now, having reverted to my usual fare of dry sticks, nuts and berries, yet still dreaming of the doughy-soft inner core of those cinnamon rolls. I think my scale is busted. Stuck.

Wing Night, January 2017, Bill's grilling artistry in five flavor combos.

They, of course, worked off any excess with fully-revved metabolisms, bouncy vigor and a cheerful video coach named Mr. Millionaire or something like that. A workout like that: not remotely in the cards for me.

But what's not to love about a pair of house bakers, cuddling over fresh shortbreads?

When Corey's here, we do things we wouldn't ordinarily, like convene at Whit's Frozen Custard for a mid-afternoon treat.

It's not all about sugar. Mostly it's about sweetness. The love that flows between these kids lifts us all to a higher place.

January 2017

The whole story of how Corey and Phoebe met, fell in love and have stayed in love through months and miles of separation is something I'm baking for a later date. For now, just a taste of the icing.


I can smell the rolls and feel the dogs fur. A story for the ages for sure.

Loving this story. Seems to me you've taught your children life's not all about instant gratification. My husband and I met briefly and then spent months writing letters across the miles. Turned out to be a good way to ease in to a relationship. We were not in to the baking scene so much during times together; we focused on ice cream making and also waterfall hunting. It was sweetness all the way. Been married almost 34 years now. The ice cream making is long over and waterfall hunting fell by the wayside, though we're found along trout streams more often now--me enjoying the scenery & Matt fly fishing. I hope for continued love and tenderness and baking in your lives. Thank you for sharing the joy and the story so far. Kim in PA

Those kids just keep getting more beautiful every time we see them!

I wish that some researcher would observe and distill the wisdom of you and the Husics on how to raise kids. What are you doing that everyone else in the country isn't? Or, conversely, what are you NOT doing that they are? I could see David Attenborough hiding in your shrubbery, speaking in his soft voice to the camera, letting us all in on your secret recipe for wonderful kids.

Posted by Anonymous January 16, 2017 at 3:51 AM

Oh, the pure joy of this post and the love personified. The universe simply knows what it is doing...

So so sweet! I've also fallen in love at a Le Creuset boutique. It was expensive. Phoebe certainly does make me feel bad about myself given that my high school romance was a rather white trash tale that revolved around the tanning salon and instead of bird watching we drank prebottled screwdrivers. The carbs were worth it! How lucky that she'll always have this feeling and moment in time preserved.
On another note, did you hear Anderson's is closing?! I can't believe it. It has so many devotees!

@Stephen Andrew Corey broke the news to us last night that The Anderson's is closing all its stores. I am truly broken hearted. It is my favorite store of all. I only discovered them a year ago and I've dropped many hundreds of dollars there since, so it ain't my fault! We should hold a wake.

So glad to see this post. I have been wondering about Corey's absence from the postings and was worried. Happy to see everything is great.

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