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Bulldog vs. Terrier: The Perfect Mix

Monday, February 8, 2016

As Baby Birds comes to its fruition, I'm happy to say that I'm well along on a book about Chet Baker. It doesn't yet have a home in a publishing house, but that's not a big concern to me right now. What I want, and what I've accomplished, is to have a bunch of chapters written and its voice firmly established when Baby Birds hits, so you can tell exactly what it will be and what it won't be. And we'll take it from there. The time to shop a new manuscript is when your new book hits. With your help, I'm looking forward to Baby Birds hitting hard!

The Chetbook is not going to be another "Your dog is actually a wolf and here's why" book. Lord knows that's been done, and done, and done again. It's not going to be all sciencey.  Well, it will have the amount of science that my everyday life does, which is a good dash, the sriracha sauce that spices every pursuit. 

It's not going to go on and on about training, but it will, I hope, give you a picture of how one person molded a near-perfect companion from a little blob of black putty. 

Mostly what it will be is me, telling you who this dog is, what he does and what he means to me, every day. There is adventure, reflection, reverie and the helpless laughter that Boston terriers so expertly draw from their people. The Bacon keeps giving me stories, another huge one last night, right after this video was shot. I'm saving that one for the book. I put a lot of good stuff on the blog, but I can't write the way I can in a book; I can't delve as deep. The Chetbook seems like one without an end, because his story is changing and deepening as we go. It's my story, too. Eleven years is a long time to love someone this much. I hope we have a good handful more. 

Enjoy the video of Baker being hisself. Enough bulldog in him to give up the chase and come along, and enough terrier to run ahead.


What fun! To share for a few moments a bit of the day with this very special pup! Thank you.

Posted by Kerry Reynard February 8, 2016 at 4:00 PM

I Can't. Wait.

that baby pic : )

inhaling that essence of c-munk - then the primordial 'ghack' that follows - perfect!
aunt weezy in texas

Posted by Anonymous February 8, 2016 at 4:34 PM

Oh Bacon. Oh Zick.

Every time I look at that pup, he gives me a chuckle.

check out Tilbury Publishing sp)from Camden, Maine

When we got our puppy many years ago, I kept a diary of her first year, mainly for our daughter's benefit. It was written in the dog's voice, and it still makes me chuckle. She developed such a wonderful personality, and I still miss that precious old black lab.

A prime example of the Appalachian Short Tailed Chipmunk Seeker Breed.

I would preorder today

Posted by Anonymous February 8, 2016 at 10:46 PM

I'm a big-dog person (and cat) person, but Boston Terriers have always seemed the Platonic ideal of full-sized dog spirit in a compact package. And Mr. Baker hisownself is the epitome of all. Can't wait for the book!

Posted by Anonymous February 9, 2016 at 7:47 AM

So glad you are pushing forward on this project - mine never came to fruition, obviously. I respect and admire your courage... Big hugs and tail wags for incredible success for both books. Love, Lee and Birdy

Ever read Mille Barbara Bush's book on their spaniel? Love pet books. Anxious to order Baby Birds!

Chet's book must be published! By any means necessary. A throng of loving fans awaits!

This was a delightful video. About 1:32 into the video you tell Bacon to come on, it's getting dark. I think if you hadn't started walking he WOULD have spent the night trying to get at the chipmunk log! And the sights of a winter woods, the gorgeous orange sunset and the downed tree did my heart good. And of course the sight of handsome Mr. Chet Baker! Thanks.

Chet says: ".....of how one [person] DOG molded a near-perfect companion from a little blob of [black] putty..." I am sure you will let him write a few chapters...about bikkits and important stuff like that...

I have been owned by three Bostons, one of which is still with me and the others have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I am adopting an 11.5 year old Boston female who is available due to owner's divorce. I've not yet seen her but I'm anxious to bring her home with my pack, a BT, a Doxie mix and a Papillion mix. Bostons are just the best.

Posted by Joanne Carlson February 17, 2016 at 9:18 AM
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