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O Holy Night (How Did This Happen?)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I don't blog about my kids much at all any more. This is because the intersection of the two sets is too wide now. Which two sets, you ask? These.

 Set One is "What I Say." Set Two is "What Embarrasses My Kids." When they were little, those sets didn't even touch. But the older they got, the more the two overlapped, until it's pretty much one big blushing red circle full of Embarrass. I know this is the natural order of things, for parents to get progressively more embarrassing, clueless and insensitive as they age. Or maybe it's that our kids get more sensitive to, well, anything. One of us is changing, that's for sure. Probably a bit of each.

Anyway, it slowly dawned on me that just having schlepped them around in my abdomen, squishing my internals for nine months, having done the whole highchair/slop/Cheerios/Tupperwares full of lasagna/ bath in the sink/bedtime story/toddling/diaper/preschool/swimming lessons/school projects/Christmas program/sports events/new shoes/CSS financial profile/college application thing with them doesn't give me the right to talk publicly about them. At all.

However. It is my rare privilege to have been pre-approved to share with you the End Result of Phoebe. There's much more to come, of course, but this is where we have arrived at the moment. And I am as gobsmacked as you will be. Bill and I sat in the audience squeezing each other's hands, wondering how this happened. Oh holy night, oh holy cow, that's our girl up there. That's Phoebe. Merry Christmas!


Well brace yourself 'cuz I'll bet you & Bill will be gobsmacked many many more times by both those kids in years to come...
(p.s. - you do realize she was able to do that because she was picturing you and Bill and the whole audience naked, right… at least I've always heard that's how it's done ;-)

Sweet sweet moment. Nothing sweeter than when your kinder does something...simply wonderful.
Thanks for the early Christmas gift.

Wow. Tears. Beautiful. But, I feel compelled to say....hardly the END result of Phoebe. I love that thought, but..... I expect much more to come. Merry Christmas . Pride for all.

Phoebe did a wonderful job. That song is tough. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Kathy in Delray Beach

Simply a beautiful rendition. Way to go Phoebe. Chip of the ole blocks for sure. No wonder you and Bill are bursting with pride.

Yep, tears for me too. That was really beautiful!

What a pure voice Phoebe has. Pure, steady and just plain lovely! I closed my eyes and listened to her sing. Thanks for sharing! I hope your family has a fine Christmas--including Chet of course, and the bat & the owl. There must be a short story in there somewhere.

Sniff, my favorite.

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OK ! I'll convert !!

I had tears, too... and it isn't even my kid! She's beautiful, and has a lovely voice! Brava!

Oh, my. Wonderful start to the day. Thanks, Phoebe for singing so beautifully and approving this post.

Beautiful. Both the voice and the young woman.
You dun good.

Bill get a really big stick and keep it at the front door.

Merry Christmas to you and the extended family.

Well being a Mother of two myself (now long grown and raising kids of their own) for me that was a lump-in-the-throat moment and I'm sure for you and your husband it was not only that but tears in the eyes too! You should be very proud of her talents - and it's always a wonderful moment to watch your kids and now our grandkids "shine"! Happy Holidays to you all - and we'll look forward to more news in 2014!

Beautiful! And congratulations to her, and to you!

Merry Christmas!

Now look what you keyboard is all wet! Nicely done Phoebe and nicely done Bill and Julie!

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