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Chet Baker, His Ball and The Light

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chet Baker has a bassetball. It's got no air in it no more.  He done punctured it a long time ago.

He hauls it around and shakes it and chews it, so it is still doing its duty as a toy. 

 The basic tenet of most Boston terrier games is Keepaway. I have this, you don't.

Just try to get it from me.

Please. Try. And you will pull back a stump.

This is a photo of me rooing. You roo through closed lips. It's a rolling yodel, not a bark. You roo when someone is trying to get your toy from you. Or when you want them to try.

Sometimes nobody plays with you at all. They need to come try to get something away from you.

But they are too busy looking at the pear tree in the afternoon sun. Which is loaded with very smelly pears and the deer eat them and I chase them.

And then sometimes the people stop looking at the leaves, pick me up and kiss me in that special light, and that is good.

She pays so much attention to me that sometimes I wonder if Phoebe is going to try to take me to college with her when she leaves next fall. I would be willing to try it, if she was in her room a lot or would take me to classes and the cafeteria. I would like that. I would make quite a dorm mascot. Or even a college mascot. Neither of us has asked Mether what she thinks of the idea yet.

That could be a sticking point.


Oh, that autumn-colored hair - I am so jealous!

your daughter is so beautiful…when i started reading your blog she was just a young girl!

Poor Phoebe -- poor Chet. When I left for college (eons ago) I was so homesick for my Boston. It was awful. I missed Snubby far more than anyone in my family.
Wish I had some good advice, but I don't.

Ever since we got our Aussie for my son's 6th birthday, I've been praying that he sees our boy off to college. Then the other day I realized how devastating it will be to "lose" my son to college, and then his dog to old age. Can a heart and home survive TWO such departures? I think I'll need to get a puppy before college starts...

Rooo! Can just hear you now, Chet. Maybe if Phoebe isn't going TOOO far away to college you can go for visits and be a stress therapy dog. They have those here at UC-San Diego during finals week. I kid you not. Of course the staff, ahem, could use some of that dog therapy too. ha ha. You and Phoebe look great together in that light. Hope she plays keep-away with you.

My daughter is at the University of Pittsburgh and every Tuesday there is "puppy school" at the Cathedral of Learning. Puppies who are entering the Guide Dog school are brought for orientation. My daughter has not missed a Tuesday yet.

Posted by nancycccslp November 17, 2013 at 4:45 PM

Very beautiful pictures!!! I like your dog I also have one name browny. He is very shy!!!

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Your home is gorgeous. Beautiful any time of year. I just love that red siding. When I saw that picture of the back of Phoebe's hair - a rare and incredible color. I was thinking she looked like a Viking queen. With Chet Baker in his tuxedo as attendant and guard.

really beautiful

She has your eyes.

May I then have her everything else?

I loved this post! Such expressive faces on both Phoebe and Chet Baker in the last picture!

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