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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Big Sit was a housewarming, really, many of our favorite people coming from all over, bearing carbs for our table. There was a preponderance of doughnuts and baked goods made with apples, and it was all delicious!

I got to listen to Steve the Royal Meteorologist for the Whipple Bird Club give his weather report for the day. He has this radio voice I love, very resonant and authoritative.

Margaret and I arm-wrestled. These are actual, unretouched photographs of Zick beating someone, anyone, at arm wrestling. Beating Margaret!! who's been workin' out. Guess all that laundry totin' and lawn rakin' has had an impact.

Yee-haw! Ain't tellin' what we wuz wrasslin' fer.

Towertop was very very beautiful.

Having so many friends come was a treat in itself. But there was one housewarming gift I'd been looking forward to for months. Terry Lobdell came from northwest Pennsylvania with our sweet and wonderful friend Dallas, bearing bat boxes he'd made himself. Three of them. Not just bat boxes like you'd get at a nature shop. These are bat manses. Bat Taras. Bat Taj's. This is Mimi soaking up some of Terry's amazing bat wisdom. I didn't manage to get a photo of Dallas.

They're huge and heavy and well-insulated, with room for hundreds of bats inside three compartments. And Terry mounted two of them on our deck, and he put the third (an observation box you can OPEN UP so you can PEEK at the BATS through PLEXIGLAS) yes I am shouting
on a 4 x 4 that supports my clothesline. It was featured in the previous post.

Terry's van, which is a rolling hardware store. He is the cutest. He knows so much about bats, and yet he told me he learns volumes each season. I know how he feels. There is so very much to know about bats.

 I love that there are people on this earth going around doing things for bats, spending their own time and money helping creatures that terrify most people. That wasn't very well put, but you understand. It just moves me.

From the amount of time and thought Terry and Dallas put into mounting these boxes, I am sure that if there are bats to be got here, we will get them. Mimi, who loves bats more than I, if that were possible, came away with a serious case of bat box envy. We'll have to do something about that.

Terry broke for lunch in the Air Chair. Yes, he fed Chet Baker. That's what the tongue action's about.

Soon, it was time for a fashion show. Phoebe came out in her homecoming dress.

Oona led the processional.

Yes, That Oona. See her (and Chet) in 2007 here. OMgosh, Chet looks like he just came out of the dry cleaners, doesn't he? So crisp, so spiffy, so very young. Two, in fact. Lawd. And in December, he's about to be nine...

Speaking of things growing up right under your nose...

I made Phoebe take off the horse head for at least one photo. We like her color choice. It's a red red year here.

There was a whole lotta hangin' out going on that Sunday. The new porch, a huge hit. And technically, it still fell within the 17' Big Sit Circle when people were on the porch. So you could "birdwatch" from towertop or porch and still count what you saw, if you saw anything, which mostly we didn't.

Mimi and Marcy and Creeper Phoebs.

Later that afternoon, Ohio University English professor Mimi took Phoebe in hand for a trip through the Common Application for college. Yikes. This is something best done with a non-family member, Phoebe tells me. So much the better when it's a super-literate university educator huge Pirates fan musician singer bat loving and beloved non-family member.

Pawpaw processing will still happen, whether I can eat them or not. Now I just get to share them.

Sun will slant across the new front porch and the bonsais will turn red, then orange, then crimson

and the man who set it all in motion will finally exhale. Thank you, Bill.

And thank you to our friends at Before and After Remodeling.  Mighty nice work!


So much beauty, joy... and Chet Baker, in one post!... good way to start a Sunday morning.

That's the perfect title for this post. I really admire the color you chose, love the porch and your land is divine. But most of all you do have your home set up for so much living, so much use. I've never seen a birding tower on a home, splendid. Every place there are beautiful flowers and places to visit. Great post. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your life and loves.

These photos and words are like a joyous thank you shout out to the universe. Lovely in every way.

Glad you all are having a chance for quiet-to unwind. That meadow picture is especially gorgeous!
Kathy in Delray Beach

Posted by Anonymous October 27, 2013 at 10:26 AM

I would like to volunteer to be adopted by your family.

Oh, it is so nice to see Oona, growing up. I remember those 2007 baby posts--with Chet Baker being a child-minder (isn't that a great's what Brits call baby-sitters, as we have learned from our London living daughter).
Ah, yes, I remember the Common application--thank goodness it was invented. Life before it was a pain.
Happy fall to y'all.

My three generation bonus family!
People all over the world/join hands.
Get on the love train, love train.
And bring a bat box if you can!
Xxxooom, a very grateful one

Posted by Anonymous October 27, 2013 at 2:35 PM

I too would like to volunteer to be adopted by your family. I'm willing to sleep in a tent! What a life full of love, fun & beauty you have.

Applause!!! What a wonderful, wonderful way to warm your home. I personally am of the opinion that every home should have many warmings of this sort over its lifetime, and this one is perfect.

Love the new color. Amazing how much of a change it can make. And the bat guy!

Posted by Anonymous October 28, 2013 at 10:51 AM

A Bat Mahal! I still can't get over how much I adore your red house. I would never have thought to paint a house red with gold trim but I love it. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised since barns have been that color (successfully) for ages. Lookin' good!

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