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Chet Baker on Patrol

Thursday, May 17, 2012

He's getting a little gray around the eyebrows. Chet's most Frequently Asked Question: "How old is he now?"

I answer, "Seven. Eight in December." And can hardly believe I'm saying the words. How did that happen? How did my 2005 model puppy turn into a silvery gentleman?

I've thought about taking a Sharpie to the gray, sort of a Grecian Formula for dogs, but I know he'd hate the stink of the marker, so I don't. 

It's been hard, not being able to run any more. This dog loves to run. He couldn't love it as much as I love watching his neat little thighs scissoring along in front of me. I've had to find other things to do. It hasn't been hard to find other things to do.

Chet's gone into summer mode, which is when he runs hourly chiptymunk and bunneh patrols around the house. There's always a chance he'll surprise something quick and furry as he burns around the corners on two wheels.

He watches for small disappearing cinnabar tails in the holey back patio stones.

Chet Baker! Are there any snakes?

I will check.
I find snakes by smell.
I have found them in these cracks before.

Chet Baker! Are there any deer out in the meadow?

I will check. I cannot see over the grass now. You should mow it. I have to climb the top deck to see durr anymore. But when I see a durr, I streak out after it, yes I do.

He loved his WVU basketball, even after he popped it (eight minutes) and tore a huge gash in its side.

That was about a dollar a minute.

Worth every penny just to see him race around the yard pushing it with his nose, then gnashing his fangs against it until it finally gave up with a sigh. GNARF GNARF GNARF GNARF ppppfffffffftttttt

This little dog, so dear to me

who lights up my heart with his smile.

There. There's your Chetfix. I needed one, too.


Thanks for the Chetfix. Give him a nuzzle on his muzzle for me. :)

almost enough to make me, principally a cat person, believe in dog!


Thank you, both of you. Such a fine pup he is. (and pup he will always be!)

Chet Baker is a dear little gentleman. I love his spirit and tenacity in pursuing new adventures! I will never be without a dog--the sheer joy they give is without measure. Dogs make my heart swell with love and my eyes swell with tears of happiness at their goofy antics! (Mr. Baker's photos are so precious.)

Hey Miss Julie, haven't read your blog in a while, had to go find out what is up with your toe after you mentioned you're not running any more. Have you thought about biking? Not quite the same but it still gets you out and mobile and aerobic. A sturdy mountain bike would easily handle the dirt roads. And when Chet is older you can get him a basket, or one of those pull-along bike trailers. :-)

Aaaaah, thank you for that. I needed a Chetfix.

Chet Baker gives me a reason to smile everyday. Thank you for the loving tribute.

As a lover of the American Gentleman myself I share in the joy sharing my life with our Bugsey. Such charm and personality these fearless creatures have. They can read your mind and melt your heart. Other dogs are nice but Boston Terriers and a cut above.

Oooooohhhh! If I ever got a dog, he'd be a Boston. Looooove that Bacon!

Good boy, Chet.

Thank you for the gift! It hit the spot. Now we just need a video of you on patrol! Sweet, sweet Chet Baker. I have a mixed chihuahua (rescued her from the streets-- really wasn't looking for a dog to be a guardian of--long story), but she is sweet in her own way & has taught ME many things. When she crosses the rainbow bridge I might consider a rescue Boston Terrier. On my drive to work I usually see a middle-aged man riding his recumbent bike with a "trailer" hitched behind, like parents use for kids. But this kid is a four-legged--a beagle who is standing up with his/her head through the sunroof. That makes me smile every time I see them. What a hoot! Maybe Mether can get a trailer for you now, even though you can still run. But just for a change of pace!

He's sleek and shiny and smells like sunshine. What a fine boy!

Many years ago, I had my own soccer dog, a sheltie, named Kashmir. I would buy her balls from the store, and she would pop them pretty quick. So I thought I would be clever, and buy an expensive soccer ball. Just like Chet Baker's ball, it lasted just a few minutes. She still went on to enjoy running around with it, even if it didn't bounce anymore.

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