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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I've been painting and when I'm painting (pictures, not walls) I can't be bothered to do anything else. This includes wiping counters, scrubbing toilets, burning trash or washing clothes. Or storing blogposts. So I'm out. Striving to get another bunch canned, but I'd rather paint. It's just more fun.

The other day I was reading a newspaper rundown of the stated positions of Republican candidates on all manner of things: same-sex marriage, abortion, global warming, foreign policy, health care and the like. I grabbed a highlighter and circled all the things that froze me in my mental tracks. I hadn't known, for instance, that all the evidence for global warming was simply "junk science."  Apparently, if you're a Republican presidential candidate, the polar ice caps won't melt in front of you, glaciers won't vanish and the sea level won't rise. Which must be cool, like having a Cloak of Invisibility.

The more I read, the more convinced I became that we have a new set of superheroes before us, with unique superpowers. Who needs the Fantastic Four? These guys get to say who reproduces and when, and who gets to get married and where. They can debunk entire bodies of science with a single "Poo-poo!" And I thought it would be cool just to be able to fly, or pick up a car.

 Before long I had circled pretty much everything on the page.

Then last evening I was listening to NPR and anchor Audie Cornish said this:

"Fresh from New Hampshire, one by one, Republican presidential candidates landed in South Carolina today."

And by virtue of this rather sly wording,  I got a sudden mental image of some snow goose photos I took in New Mexico in 2007.

Wings in perfect synchrony. Aww, what's that?

Memo to South Carolinians: Whatever you do, don't look up and keep your hats on, at least until they're gone.


I can hardly bring myself to listen to anything about the republican candidates let alone read about them. I love your snow goose imagery, thought. How apropos.

Paint On Julie!

Kathy in Delray Beach

A very well written article expressing my views quite well, made me chuckle, especially your geese imagery.

Ugh. I live in Tampa. They're coming here for their convention. Help.

One of the saddest things about our country is the widespread scientific illiteracy. Science is not even respected. I have worked with teachers that don't have any clue about how to use science to make decisions. And they don't believe in global warming because they like the guys that say it isn't so better than the guys that warn us about it.

I even have a sneaky suspicion that the "No child left behind" is a ploy to stop the hoi poi from thinking so the rich guys can rule easier.

And we'll soon all be up to our necks in plop if we don't figure how to repair our broken system.

One of your best posts ever Julie. I have see/heard/smelled some of this being spread around.

Ah, that's more like the Julie I remember from drawring class! Good post. WR

Wonderfully craptastic photos, Julie! And I love the idea of the Cloak of Invisibility. I hope it doesn't mean that these geese can't crap on their Republican heads. Maybe geese are junk science as well. It's possible that the whole beautiful, fragile planet is a liberal conspiracy to make us care. Sigh.

So true, and so sad because it is so true. Eternal vigilance is the price!

Perfect image and very well said!

"... keep your hats on, at least until they're gone."

But that's the scariest thing: they don't seem to go away, save for brief moments. And even then, when they return, it just seems like they've been biding their time and "holding it in," the better to befoul us.

The saddest fact is that their idiotic imprecations find fertile soil in the hearts and minds of millions of frightened and perhaps under-educated Americans.

The problem isn't Them, it's Us.

Instead of a flock of Snow Geese, I think a flock of Cuckoos might've been more appropriate...
Seriously, the Republican Party of my youth (which I didn't much for either) doesn't even exist anymore, having been so completely hijacked by wingnuts.

Ahh, lovely imagery!

I still remember watching a PBS program about folks living in poor communities of West Virginia...or was it Kentucky? Anywho they were filming in a local high school where the teacher was talking about evolution. I clearly remember her saying something like "now there are some people out there that believe we came from monkeys! Can you believe that...dirty monkeys. If you believe in God, then there is no way you could ever believe we came from monkeys" I was gobsmacked!

I can no longer watch the evening news as it seems like both local and national have been hijacked by primary madness. Been watching a LOT of MASH reruns instead. Lordy, that was a good show...

Every time I hear the disbelief in science, the poo-pooing of global climate change, the incredibly negative stance toward intellectualism in general--I keep thinking about a gentle wise simple soul: Dr. Seuss.
THE LORAX is a prophetic tale that absolutely applies to us today. Some day, too soon, we will wake up to the equivalent of no trees. We will have destroyed everything, and then some yahoo politician somewhere will say--WHAT HAPPENED? Why didn't they warn us.
Well, friends, we were all warned.

I don't approve of political jokes. I’ve seen too many of them get elected.

Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and it's for the same reason.

Try trying to teach a bunch of 9th graders the importance of citizenship and making good decisions about voting. They are convinced that all politicians are either crooks, liars or sexual deviants at the moment.

we are all resposible for global warming,some more that others.I drove to town yesterday.We just can't but our heads in the sand.

I live in South Carolina, and I can tell you it is piled high and deep here! Can't wait for them to move on! Wish I had your lovely book NOW to have a diversion from all this idiocy.

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