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Chet Baker: Now We Are Seven!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chet Baker turns seven today. I can think of no better birthday present for his fans than this video of him in action.

I am the person whose right big toe appears in the lower left frame. Who is trying to laugh, snort and wheeze quietly behind the camera, and mostly failing. Phoebe is the fluffer, providing His Chetness with just enough help to keep him hoping he will get a bikkit in the end. I've probably watched this video a dozen times (it has 16 views on YouTube so far!) but I still laugh until I cry. Biased? Sure. But he's a funny dog.

This is the distilled essence of The Bacon: knowing, ornery, vocal, and supremely expressive. Frustrated with his lack of opposable thumbs, but fully capable, with those amazing eyes and that rough voice, of enlisting the help he needs to get what he wants. Watch it to the end. The Bacon gets his bikkit, and then some.

Happy birthday, Chet Baker. You are the sunshine of our lives, court jester and kiss dispenser supreme. I promise we will have your birfday party just as soon as I get back from Columbus.

If you're into radio and live video streaming, I'll appear on WOSU's All Sides with Ann Fisher (squee!) at 11 AM today, Monday, December 12. Listen here.  I know. What am I doing taking a gig on Chet Baker's birthday? It oughta be a national holiday.  And tonight at 7:30, I'll speak to the Columbus Natural History Society. You can find out more here.

Party when I get home, Bacon. I promise. You can open the package from the Virginia Chapter of the Chet Baker Fan Club. And I got you more bikkits. (Trader Joe's Sweet Potato and Turkeh).


Really, ladies, don't you have better things to do than torment your faithful hound??

That was fantastic. So funny.

LOL! Happy birthday, Chet Baker! Laughed so hard at his reactions after Phoebe loosened the lid the first time! :D

Oh the wicked things you ladies do when Daddeh is not there to stop you... Chet Baker abuse!
What a treat to hear CB murph, talk, and growl. His wiener cousin Snitzi Lynne (all dogs are cousins, right?) watched with fascination.
Thanks for sharing him with us. Happy happy birthday, Chet Baker. Loved those peeks at your turd-tail.
miss weezie in Texas

Talking is the word. Expressiveness, thy name is Baker. He is so fed up with us.

Happy Birthday, Chet! Julie, you are blessed with a wonderful puppeh! Thanks for charing the Chet-ness with us. More videos!

To the victor go the bikkits.

C.B.s mether is a cruel and unusual person.

When you get up one day and find the kitchen destroyed, just remember the Great Bikkit Tease.

Happy Birthday Chet. Us Canadians wouldn't tease you like that and we have 7 squirrels in the yard that need attention.

Chet wins!
What a dog talker he is.

Happy birthday doggeh.

(Wow! Your floor is so clean!)

Happy Birthday, Chet! I'm more convinced than ever that you are part human.

Even though you you got the bikkit in the end, if I were Mether and Phoebe, I'd sleep with one eye open tonight!

Happy Birthday, Chet! Bugs and I watched your movie together and every time you barked, Bugs barked back. Then he sat there and twisted his head back and forth trying to figure out how to help you open the bikket bucket. And yes, I did laugh, out loud, when you trotted out of the room with all the bikkits.

I cracked me up to hear you snort laughing Julie, but I went over the edge cackling when Chet grabbed the jar and ran!
Happy birthday Chet!

We loved this! Long time followers of Chet Baker and your awesome blog. Happy birthday Chet Baker! You are a magnificent doggy!

Happy Birthday Chet from our Fenway Underfoot Woodard - he's watching to see the secret to getting the whole jar of biscuits!!!! :-) Bostons are the BEST!

Our brand new Chessie puppy jumped up in my lap to watch the video, and focussed on every second, cocking her head at Chet's snorts and growls. When it was over, she climbed down and tinkled on the rug in protest over the way His Baconess was treated. Happy Birthday Chet Baker from her friends in Florida, Summer the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Lucy the Doberman.

Your voices (including cricket) and laughter are so contagious! Chet Baker speaks! I have tears in my eyes and Chet did what Bostons do, kick it around for a while and run off with the prize!

Wish him a happeh Birthday from Bella's Mom!


Your voices (including cricket) and laughter are so contagious! Chet Baker speaks! I have tears in my eyes and Chet did what Bostons do, kick it around for a while and run off with the prize!

Wish him a happeh Birthday from Bella's Mom!


Happy Birthday Chet Baker! I think they are teasing you much to much! Izzy responds to TREATIE! So funny and don't forget the bacon!

Smart puppeh, Chet Baker! You tried SO hard while your people just sat there! And I laughed very gleefully when you showed them! Just take that "brass ring" and make a run for it! Happy Birthday, dear soul.

That's quite a voice Chet has! No doubt of what he's trying to say, in no uncertain terms. Loved it!

Completely cracked up during Bacon's Final Assault. Way too funny!!!!

I love his growl/bark. And the look in his eyes, Priceless!

This totally made my day!(as you can tell, I'm behind in reading from the holiday hoopla...happy belated birthday to Chet!)

'Yer jus teasin' me, wimmin. I knows it.'

'Fine. I has teh bikkets now.'

Smart, clever boy.

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