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Orchids, Fancy and Simple

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In my last post, I alluded to the orchids which are man-made, created by crossing as many as four different genera of plants to make something completely new. It amazes me that we can figure out how to grow something that's never been seen under the sun, and that these man-made creations would be so beautiful and fun to keep. 

This is a little Doritaenopsis (Doritis x Phalaenopsis). Doritis donates its intense coloration and smaller flower size to the classic moth orchid.

This little thing is billed as a Phalaenopsis, but it looks kinda Doritic to me. It's called "Lava Glow" and I adore it.

Phalaenopsis gigantea is one of the parents of this blush-pink Phal. It is a simply huge plant, and getting bigger all the time.

This plant reminds me of a person who's just too big for his own frame. Not long after I got the plant, it had a huge growth spurt, and its new leaves got so long they busted right off! Needless to say, it looked horrible for about three years until it replaced the half-leaves with new ones. In the interim, I called its breeder and described the problem. She said it was definitely a happy plant, which is why it was throwing out such huge leaves.  She recommended that I support those enormous leaves with a great big cache pot. Once I did that, the leaves stopped breaking under their own weight. And now, four years later, it's finally in bloom. You have to be patient with orchids. But as my dad said, "I don't mind waiting. I'm waiting anyway."

The rewards are great for waiting. Each of these glorious blossoms is almost as big as my outstretched hand. Giantism can be nice.


All of them :-}}

I enjoy my little one every day - to have a room full would be oh my goodness! I may need your opinion - I'll send a picture.

Thanks for the reminder to be patient. Not one of my strong suits but perhaps that is what I'll learn from my orchids! :)

Posted by Anonymous June 12, 2011 at 7:00 AM

Back at the end of March, we visited the Edison and Ford winter estates in Fort Myer, Florida. All around the verandas, which went all the way around each big house, were settings of comfy chairs,and an end table with an orchid in a pot. It made me think of you! If you've never been, I highly recommend. Lots of birds and botanicals to go with the history!

Oh how I wish this was smellevision! I absolutely love the quote from your dad, so true.

very lovely flowers. I tend to not have great luck with them, but you are tempting me to try anew.

This reminds me i need to plant a few flowers around the house. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa

I vote for Lava Glow. How rich!

Ive just posted a fresh post from old order Mennonite Jean. In this post she talks about pen-pals, the farmers market, and how she and David relaxes. Only seen on Amish Stories. thanks folks .Richard

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