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Chet Baker, Attention-Seeker

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As I watch Mether garden I think about how to divert her. She is very focused when she is gardening.

All she seems to think about is where to bury this plant, and where to bury that plant. To a certain extent I understand that; it is like when I have a bikkit I need to bury and I trot around the house  and yard looking for just the right place to put it. Mether does that, too.

 Phoebe tries to help. She points out bunnehs I can chase. There are a lot of them and my work is never done.

But usually I hang around watching Mether work. Suddenly it comes to me! One way to get a gardener's attention is to mess with their stuff! Sometimes I drag her buckets around.

But other times I get right up in her face. So when Mether comes up the sidewalk dragging a heavy bag of potting soil I spring into action!

I grab the bag and shake it! Potting soil flies everywhere!

That works. She laughs and dares me to do it again.  So I do! I shake the bag and growl and tear it! I spill the soil! She cannot pot plants if she has no soil! Ha ha ha ha ha!

She says I am a Very Naughty Terrier and I need a Big Spanking! Those are just the words I was hoping to hear!

They send me into a Full Google Run!

and when I am done running and she is done laughing she goes right back to gardening. Obsessed.

 I am underwhelmed, but I stay close by for the next opportunity to distract her. Which leads me to my second ploy: telling her I need to be checked for ticks. Then she will run her hands over me, which I adore.

When I have been checked for ticks, I deploy my third tactic:  looking disgruntled, but at the same time sweetly kissable. I stand between her and what she is trying to do.

That one always works, because I always look sweetly kissable, no matter how disgruntled I am. 

But notice she is still carrying a plant.

All photos in this post by my sister Phoebe Linnea Thompson. 


theres that little guy again. Better wrap him up because a lot of folks would love to take him home,lol. Richard

Also please check out everyone a new post from old order Mennonite Jean on my blog.In this post she talks about getting ready for the farmers market, and about the Amish in her community. Richard

Baker, your work is never done.
Google run, I love it.
5.06am post, Julie, sleeping in again I see.

Living with a terrier of any variety means that you are living with a good natured part-time terrorist. Schnauzers steal things and specialize in getting their faces right between you and what you are trying to do.

Phoebe, you do a grand job!

Love the photos Phoebe. Chet is just too cute!

The PhotoPhoebester rocks!
Love the doggy view of things.

Chet Baker Zickefoose-Thompson needs to meet Spunky McLovin' (aka Mac) Wilder. Seems they have a lot in common.

I LURVE Chet Baker!!!


Julie, I wonder if you know how much Chet Baker posts brighten my day! I can't stop smiling.


Thanks for the back-to-back Bacon fix!

I just found your blog today and will be a regular visitor. I am going back to read older posts. Chet made me laugh today and I cherish laughter.

Our Boston does all this while gardening is happening, but she also likes to go back and rearrange the plants sometimes too. Totally ate a chive plant the other day.

Mether is walking around inside her pants. I think you been running her too hard.

Awesome overalls! :)

My gosh, how I love that little guy.

Fabulous teamwork,Phoebe and Mama! GREAT SHOTS! Loving, admiring and missing you, xxoom.

Posted by Anonymous June 2, 2011 at 7:17 PM

"But notice she is still carrying a plant."
Made me laugh out loud. Great post, Chet. Nice photos, Phoebe!

Yesterday my husband wore his Chet Baker t-shirt when we went out to lunch at a beach restaurant.

Cool shirt, (our son gave it to him) but perhaps it needs a little Boston Terrier patch on the sleeve.

Posted by Anonymous June 5, 2011 at 8:13 AM

Chet is hilarious and reminds me of our old giant schnauzer...she used to grab sod clumps while I was edging flower beds and shake them like crazy until the dirt from the sod was flung all over herself and me. :)

You've got me believing I'm really listening to a dog, and I can't afford therapy.

But seriously, great wit here and all Chet posts.

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