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Warblers Incognito

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Uh-oh, Science Chimp is in quiz mode. I'll start you off easy here, with a gimme. Tennessee warblers don't look all that different in fall than they do in spring. If anything, they're prettier in fall, with subtle grays and bright grass-greens blending in their plumage.

I'm always trying to get good shots of distinctive behavior in the birds I observe, and I'm over the moon to have documented the Tennessee warbler's fondness for flowers and nectar.

The Gartenmeister fuchsia in a pot beneath my studio window is the object of his desire.

 With his needle-fine bill, he probes deep into the corolla.

Oh thank you, little warbler, for showing me this thing I could so easily have missed, you being as green as the leaves.

All right. No more Mrs. Nice Science Chimp. You have some conundra to solve. I'll start you off sort of easy.  Mystery Bird #1. Everything you need to see on this bird is visible in this photo. I know, light's bad, but it's there.

Mystery Bird #2. Ditto. There's one clue in this shot that seems terribly insignificant but clinches the ID.

The next three photos are all of the same bird, Mystery Bird #3. The first photo, odd as it seems, has everything you need to ID it. Hee hee hee.

OK, I'll give you the side of its little face.


I know, it doesn't help much. Unless you're into subtleties. 

And if you're still stumped, here's its throat. Jeez, giving this thing to you on a silver platter.

I'll let y'all stab at these three for awhile, and let you know who got them all right in the comments section. Have fun! Eee! Eee! Eeeeeeeee!



I recognize the first one, the Palm Warbler, because we have tons and TONS of them here right now - any open grassy area is guaranteed to have a big flock of foraging Palm Warblers. The other two, not so much.


Celebrating the last precious weeks of these beauties! We've had a wonderfully "vagrant" Black-throated Gray in my local haunt and she has brought the troops from far and wide. A gorgeous community organizer, making fun for us while we face the inevitable. Leslie Y.

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 2010 at 2:05 PM

These people are good! That third one gave me trouble... Glad you're seeing such lovely birds. They've rather moved along out of the northland, though a great flight of thrushes mid-week was a gift.

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 2010 at 4:29 PM

Palm, Blackpoll and Blackburnian. Gotta love those pale braces on the Blackburninan!

Ehh, yer all too smart. Guess I'll have to get a little nastier in the next quiz. Way to go, Oggie, Anonymous, and Kathleen! Yes, the pale braces on Blackburnians are a dead giveaway. They shop at the same store Redtails do.

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