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We Did It!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

FUNDRAISING ALERT: We are THERE, as of 8:20 pm Sunday March 28, 2010. And I am amazed and grateful. And you are beautiful, and I am thankful to have you all in my life.

THANK YOU!! The shots will be ordered Monday morning, and Liam and I will get our first of three on Wednesday afternoon. We'll let you know how it goes. Katdoc says they're no big deal, no worse than any other vaccination she's had. We'll pop an ibuprofen before we go.

And there will be many more bat posts, I promise. Dee and Darryl had a lovely shoot with me just this afternoon! They're total dolls about posing. And we also have the release to look forward to. Please, just cross your fingers that Dee Dee holds on to her babies until we can release her! I don't want any of you sending in baby bat booties. They're so hard to fit.


I had the emergency rabies series a few years back (long story) and after growing up on horror tales of what it was like, I was pleasantly surprised. Two small jabs in each hip didn't even hurt (I am well-padded though) and an arm-shot, and then subsequent arm-shots. I've had worse vaccinations by far. You'll be fine.

This whole story is a wonderful circle of caring for critters and for people, kindness all around that warms the heart. "May The Circle Be Unbroken"

Just a thought, would it also be acceptable to contribute toward some of the expenses associated with your wildlife rehab work ? Special food, cages, and such must get a bit pricey.

Thanks for all you do !

I'm with Heron; I sent mine via good ole US Mail because PayPal refused to recognize me or allow me to don a new personality. But I'm thinking there might be some sort of rehab purpose it can be put to.

While I am NOT happy that you and Liam need to be getting the rabies shots, I AM happy that a need has arisen that has allowed all of us who so look forward to reading your blog to let you know how much we value you. Sure, we can comment and tell you, but it's somehow very satisfying to make a financial contribution to make the appreciation more substantial.

And I agree with the folks above that many of us would be happy to donate when we can to enable you to continue to care so well for our friends in nature. Oh, yeah, and maybe for some extra bikkits for Chet!


PS: I also had the series of rabies shots after being bitten by a cute, fluffy, anti-human-social squirrel. Shots weren't bad, but those suckers have sharp little teeth! I now give them wide berth.

Posted by Anonymous March 28, 2010 at 8:09 PM

Is the Web a beautiful thing!!

...and not to be a worry wart, but I'd just doublecheck with the doc before taking ibuprof. just prior to vaccination (or maybe you already have), since on rare occasions analgesics (mostly aspirin I think) can interact with such.

Worry wart? You got nothin' on me, Cyberthrush. This morning, wakeup was 1:45 AM.

Cathy, Heron, Murr(e), thank you. I hope never to be in such a supremely awkward situation again, and publicly, no less.

I have a lot of thoughts about it, and about your generous response, which I'll save for a later post.

I also sent a check in the snailmail before you set up your Paypal account. Please keep it and use it for future needs. You are a special lady and I appreciate all that you give to this world! Thank you for all you do for so many of us-human as well as animal.

I'm so glad you and Liam are doing this together and soon - what a relief! And I join with Heron and others in offering to contribute towards your rehab work. You could think of it as a "research grant" from folks who love learning from your work.

Double the cuteness!!

Yay - excellent. Darryl looks like he knows who's boss. And it isn't Darryl.

So happy to hear this!!

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