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Chet Baker is Five!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today, December 12, Chet Baker turns five. I can hardly believe the Eternal Puppy is five years old! But I have a hard time believing Phoebe is 13 and Liam is 10, too. As I write, Liam and I are deciding what Baker's birthday meal should be, and The Bacon is happily chewing an ear of Nylabone corn in a pile of Polarfleece blankets. The cake needs to be something other than chocolate. Rest assured that he will be getting even more hugs and kisses than usual, and a variety of wrapped presents to rip open. Susan, yours arrived just in time!

Not long ago, we took a ramble with Chet's friend Cooper, a cattle dog/blue heeler cross.

Cooper is a very, very nice dog. He defers to Chet, having figured out immediately that that was the only way they were going to get along.

I have to play nicely with Chet Baker? He's not very polite, you know. Well, maybe you don't know. But trust me on that. It's a dog thing. You might not understand.

I do understand, sweet Cooper, and I hear you loud and clear. And you are a good good boy for putting up with him.

Boston terriers think Keepaway is the best game ever, and that's because they're fast, agile, and extremely snotty animals. At first, Chet got the stick from Cooper every time, but now Coop has learned to hold it in reach, then whip his head to the side at just the moment Chet's jaws are about to clop on it. A snapshot of that exact moment:

When they tie onto a big stick, GAME is ON.
Chet starts out at the lower end.

He works his way closer and closer to Cooper.

And the snarling starts.

You can see Cooper's expression change the closer Chet gets. Gaah, Baker is such a hobgoblin.

I wish I had a soundtrack. It is quite impressive, with continuous raspy snarling--a hailstorm of snarls--from Chet Baker, and the occasional low rumble from Cooper.

But Cooper doesn't give in.

Though he takes a terrible tongue-lashing from Chet.


Note position of Tennessee turd-tail. Danger! Danger! But Cooper's tail is up, too. He ain't givin' in. Gee, Chet, can you stand any taller? You need Tom Cruise's platform shoes, buddy.

Mighty tugs, and lots more snarling. The bulldog in Chet comes roaring out.

Cooper is the ideal companion for such a Napoleonic beastie.

Any friend of Chet's has to be able to say, "You win!"

Happy birthday Chet Baker! Known as an inveterate bully among his few dog friends. The American Gentleman, around people. But we have abundant forgiveness for your transgressions, few as they are. In fact, there are only three: Canine Napoleon complex, a tendency toward suddenly boinging up four feet into the air and French-kissing unsuspecting guests, and your well-documented gaseous emanations. Forget 'em all. Chet Baker you are all spirit, all heart, and one of the bright lights of my life. Happy five, sugardog lovepuppeh!!


Happy Birthday Bacon! We love you (and I love the pictures Mether took of you "bullying". We all know you were just playacting for the camera. Right? Right??).

What a brat! Happy Day to all of you.

Happy Birthday, Chet Baker from two Dobermans, Lucy and Sky, who think you are very manly and like Cooper, would let you win.

Happy birthday, Chet! In the 3rd picture from the bottom, you have a definite leopard seal appearance: quite fierce indeed.

Happy Birthday Chet Baker!

Bear says Woof!
I love those doggy stick expressions!

Spoil him rotten.

... there are cakes other than chocolate?

Five years, eh? Long time to last with one of them... them... them dogs is HYper!

(I couldn't resist!) From the mommy of another sproingy french kisser to another, may you have many more years of slobbery bouncy off the nose kisses.

I would give him the biggest bikket cake I could, were I only a little closer!

Happy birthday, Chet! I know another BT with similar personality, er... traits. Which of course begs the question "What happens if there are TWO of them?" The favorite toy of Our Friend Bandit is a 16-pound bowling ball, in which he has (I kid you not) chewed grooves. His family tells me they had to abandon attempts to discover how long he would play with said toy... after an hour THEY couldn't stand it anymore and rolled it back in the closet just to get some peace and keep their furniture intact.
It's good to be the King, eh, Mr. B?

Happy birthdy Chet, I say, and Tater says, yeah, sure, whatever, have your fun, because we both have taxes to attend to soon.

Love the way he moves up the stick! Happy birthday, Chet. Long may you run.

Oh, well yeah. I timed it perfectly. Just in time for Chet's big day.

*and it had nothing to do with the fact that it really was a very early Christmas present and I had it stamped and ready two weeks ago and then forgot it in the bottom of my car. Nope. I planned it all perfectly. I make it all look so effortless...*

What a bummer, having your birthday so close to Christmas (...though somehow I've got a hunch Chet gets his share of presents all year round anyway). Happy FIFTH tough guy!

Happy Birthday Chet!!!! From yet another adoring fan (aahhh, puppeh love)

Happy, Happy Birthday Chet, you big handsome brute you! We love you from afar!

Lucy & Libby

Posted by holly (Lucy & Libby's mom) December 12, 2009 at 4:02 PM

....wondering why the ampersand key is coming out as '&'.....

Cooper is one silly looking dog. I love that portrait.

Happy Happy Birthday Chet Baker. I hope your birthday dinner is everything it should be, you snotty little dog, you.

Love and french kisses,

Happy day-late Birthday, Mr Baker! Is one day enough for a Chet Baker birthday? Perhaps the Bacon needs a birthday weekend....

Marie and Jackson

Happy belated birthyday, Chet Baker!!! Big smoochies and hugs to you!

Chet, you have the wildest fightin' eyes! Good thing your buddy Coop is so understanding...Coop's present to you. Happy B-day!

Belated happy birthday wishes to my birthday doppelganger!

Sorry I missed your special day Chet. Happy belated Birthday! XO

Happy Birthday Dude.
Fart On!

Happy Birthday to Chet Baker - the most amazing pup around! You bring such joy to your Mether and family - and to those of us out here in the ether - your blogfans.


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