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Chicken Brain

Monday, September 21, 2009

Chicken brain
Runnin' all night
Chicken brain
Runnin' all night
Chicken brain Chicken brain
Can't get on, can't get off
Chicken brain
Runnin' all night

I'm back from the Midwest Birding Symposium, but just barely. Got in at dinnertime, slept the sleep of the dead, just and righteous, dragged myself up at 5:30, got the kids on the bus, and now I'm de-tarping, de-trailering, and unpacking my art materials in the rain. Ain't it always the way.

The Symposium was stupendous, the weather was wonderful, the tarps didn't so much as flutter on my fabulously packed car, I sold 52 copies of Letters from Eden, and the kids had a marvelous time riding bikes and golf carts and hobnobbing with all our bird world friends in the sunny September weather. Lakeside ROCKS!! Don't expect a lot of photos; we were running nonstop. Now I've got a week to sort it all out and wash what needs to be washed and put everything away before pulling it all out again for the next road trip/Zick art-talk-dog-and-pony show at West Liberty University near Wheeling, WV. Sept 28-Oct. 1. Bill and I are like a couple of post-Apocalypse zombies this morning, but we showed 'em all a good time.


So glad it went well! Wish we could have been there to meet you but maybe there will be a "next time".

Your Sube looks even more fabulous in person than on the computer monitor! Glad to know the tarps and ratchet straps didn't let you down - your display was top-notch... so lovely to see your work in person!

Hey, darlin' - It was good to see you, however briefly. Glad you had a successful weekend. Catch up with you later.


Just don't go running around like Mike:

Glad it was a success!

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I didn't mean to delete my comment--I wanted to edit it. It was great to see you at MBS. Your art is beautiful in person. Hope your family had a good time. See you soon, I hope.

Sandy Brown

With the clear eyes and steady hand and stamina of youth, you should have been able to handle the MBS ( I keep wanting to type MSG) without any down time.

Good to see all of you.


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What a wonderful time it was--thanks to the non-stop efforts of BOTB and the stellar line-up of speakers.
My first of this type of event, but I can't imagine a better run, more well-choreographed production.
In addition to the knowledge gained and products gathered, (our collection of optics now rivals our bushel of Apples), waking up in a small town with 800 really great people who all care about the same things is so satisfying to one who spends much of her time wandering about as an odd bird.

Julie, It was nice meeting you in person. The MBS was a great experience for me. Your talents are numerous. Please keep inspiring all of us. Donna M.

Hey Chicken Brain! Glad you're back and had a fabulous time.

Hee Hee--that is the worst case of Bed Head I've seen in a while. Still, that chicken must have gotten a good night's sleep, to be so bright eyed!

Hope we can get you in or closer to NC to I can meet you in person!

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