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Hummingbird Hospital Part 3

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The weather was kind in the two weeks the hummingbird was confined to the tent, no nasty wind or lightning storms, and I was able to leave her out around the clock to heal and feed and catch gnats in the air. Each day I sprayed her enclosure down with a fine mist from the hose, and she bathed on wet leaves and drank water from the netting. I’ve found hummingbirds in captivity to be most appreciative of opportunities to bathe.

Everyone was curious about the little captive, including the hummingbirds around the yard, who'd hover, eye to eye with her. This little male kept an eye on her from the porch.

She defended her feeders with swoops and chitters, even though nobody could get inside.

One afternoon as I was changing her feeder, a curious cardinal stopped to peek inside. I took this from inside the tent.

Chet Baker was fascinated by the tent, and always wanted to accompany me in when I’d come to photograph her. He remembered it from when we’d had phoebes in it, and he remembered how to get in if Mether forgot to leave the flap open for him. The little dog will not be denied.

I must lay my ears back to prepare my entrance.

Hello Mether. It is me, Chet Baker. Do not get up to unzip the tent. I know how to do it by myself.

It must be nice for you to have such an intelligent companion, who seeks you out wherever you go, and is so smart, sleek and agile. The hummingbird does not like me, but then she does not like you, either. So here I am.

There's your Chet Baker fix, and one for me too. I have now been without him for nine days, but who's counting? I am about desperate enough to run down a red-rumped agouti here in Trinidad and kiss it right on the lips. Still, there are tremendous benefits to being at the Asa Wright Nature Center. Hawk eagle, manakin, oilbird, cake.


Our lovely old black lab Ruff has been gone a few years now...and your posts are making seriously consider a pup like Chet!

That Chet Baker is one smart, sweet, devoted boy. You are so lucky. I'm sure he will be over the moon when you come back.

Adorable pup! I am pretty new to reading your blog but have been enjoying your writing. I stumbled on here when I was looking for information on Red Mandevillas and your post from waaay back in 2007 helped me figure out which variety to get. I am down in the Florida Keys so they are lower maintenance down here and I am hoping it will take start climbing its trellis soon!

What kind of hummer is that in the first picture?

So good to have a Chet Baker fix. :) Thank you for providing them though you are, no doubt, really busy on your trip!

Always nice to hear what Chet has been up to.

Thanks for updats on the hummer.

I love Chet's "Ain't I sumthin'?" smile.

Thanks for the compliments on Chet. I will see him day after tomorrow, and boy am I ready!
That's a female ruby-throated hummingbird.

Scratch that last ID--I hadn't looked at the picture. The first photo is of a male ruby-throated hummingbird. They have forked tails and ruby gorgets, while females have rounded tails and white throats.

Thanks! It was the tail that threw me - I hadn't realized the males had forked tails!

When we have gone camping in the past with our Bostons we would have to put a paperclip in the zipper to keep the "boys" from getting out. Love the pictures of Chet!

Hato el Cedral in Venezuela have a tame agouti running around the accomodation area - very friendly but coarse wiry hair = not very huggable. My advice would be to wait for baker.

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