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Baker Goes Airborne

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keep-away is the staple of the terrier games in this house. When a Boston terrier focuses on an object of desire, be it biscuit, toy, or squirrel, there is not much that will keep him from his goal. Bill of the Birds enjoys at least one daily game of Keep-away with Chet Baker, usually right before bedtime.Give me that cat toy.
CrazyFace is when Baker's tongue sticks out and his eyes go all googly.
All right. It's on. BOTB is in real danger of getting a faceful of Boston here.
He's saying Meowmeowmeowmeowmeow.
Interlude, while Bill hides the kitty. Baker waits, eyes glowing.
You do not want to be the object of a Boston terrier's most intense focus. Look at those pursed lips.
Found it!
Phoebe joins in the laughter.
Baker is grunting rhythmically, toenails sliding on the slick floor, as he tries to pull the kitty out of Bill's grip. Unh unh unh unh unh unh... As Phoebe would say, "That's just wrong."
In every photo session there's one that you don't dare hope to get.

29th Airborne Turd-tail Assault. Here comes the faceful of terrier.
The enemy, vanquished.

21 comments: out for the flying baker!

Oh, I knew this was going to be good. The title of the post alone put everything on hold so I could come back and see this without interruptions.

The rythmic grunting, unh unh unh - we must allow it once a day or Bella won't sleep at night :o)

The last shot is classic because you never know when they'll spring!

Baker wins. YAY! That's the way it is...

Bacon butt.
I will be able to sleep tonight thanks to that.


Julie, that's just way tooooo funny! Flying Baker, great shot! LOL

lol! You are making me miss all my past puppies!

Too funny!! That "flying terrier" photo should be Bills next caption contest. LOL!

Okay, you're killin' me here... stop already!!!

Have at it, Alan! Your captions always crack me up.
I think Bill could run a successful blog with nothing but his wacky photos and a caption contest. Our readers RAWK!

Yes, I thought it was time for some pure silliness. The soundtrack to tonight's activities is the rhythmic crrunch crrunch crrunch of Bacon on the Nylabone. That's his happy place.

That's hysterical fun!

Pure happiness and focus of a Boston.

lol. Love it! A faceful of bacon-butt!
I read this one three times, laughing all the way.

That was ROFL funny! I'm amazed you got that "flying" picture of Chet Baker. I would have been laughing too hard to hold the camera steady.

Basically, you just start snapping randomly when the game starts, and sooner or later you get something good. I have little doubt that Baker puts his best effort forth when goaded by the flash of my camera. That dog showboats shamelessly.

Love the wild-eyed bunny-eared shots. He looks like something out of a '30s cartoon short.

And this is totally off-topic, but -- with two kids, a sporty dog and Charlie the parrot, how the heck to you keep your kitchen floor so clean? Don't tell me you're a domestic goddess, too, in your ample spare time.

How fun! You can just sense Baker's anticipation. :c)

Well, Catbird, I wash it and wax it weekly, but that's only so we can adhere to the Ten Second Rule and eat stuff we drop on it. If that makes me a Domestic Goddess, well...I'd take another look at the countertop if I were you.

Baker, from beatific solar powered puppy to manic BOTB mauling machine with the waive of a plush toy.

I hope the Amazing Flying Tennessee
Turd Tail didn't pass gas as he flew over Bill.

Fart on Dude!

How can you have a Ten Second Rule with a terrier in the house? Anything hitting the floor here is gone is 3 or less.

I love that flying turd tail shot! Someday my digital slr ship will come in and I can get a good action shot. Robin is a perpetual motion machine and most pics of him are nose-in-camera now.

Countertop chaos is far preferable to scuzzy floor syndrome. Take it from one who's been known to suffer from both.

Thanks for this blog! These days, out in the world is scary, but back to the beauty of reality is healing. Our four dogs love their games almost as much as we two "alphas" (they're in the background growling, "as if" right now.)

Loving your last book as I do, I can't wait till next spring. Also, I am wondering whether you have ever made a presentation at the Shreve, OH, Migration Sensation?


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