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Happeh Birthday, Chet Baker!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Newborn Bacon!! Ennh!  Photo by Jane Streett

On Friday, December 12, 2008, Chet Baker turned four. It's hard to believe our puppeh is now 28 in people years--a young man in his prime. We did not have a formal party this year, being swept up in a great deal of holiday-related splup, but he did get an Orca chew toy, a lunch of Hamburger Rice Dinner (HRD), and about two hundred extra kisses.

I thought it would be good to take a look at Chet Baker as a newborn. I can hear the squeals from most every state in the Union and a few foreign countries... The only way you can tell it's Chet is the Michael Jackson glove on his right forepaw. It is hard to believe that this small weaselly creature will ever grow up to be my heartbeat. Like any mother, however, I was in love from the first look.
Photo by Jane Streett

As you can see in this photo of a week-old Chet Baker, the Tennessee turd-tail is intact, even though Chet is barely a handful at this point. Most Boston terriers are born with a naturally short "screw tail;" they get that from their bulldog genes. People who see Chet's gorgeous oversized stand-up ears are surprised to learn that there are no knives involved there, either. They're perfect from the get-go. Don't get me started on cropping dogs' ears. We just won't go there on my shiny happy blog.

Baker plumped up nicely. Here he is on January 5, 2005.
Photo by Jane Streett

I cannot say that he has been nice to a cat since this picture was taken February 8 '05, however.Man, has he got the domed forehead workin'.           Photo by Jane Streett

Beautiful Garbonzo gives a foretaste of Chet's future glory in this picture. They're not related, but they could be by their looks. What beautiful dogs Jane keeps.
Chet is only pretending to be submissive in this picture. He is a little bossyboots.
Photo by Jane Streett

Next: Some More Puppeh Pictures of Chet Baker. I'm doling them out in two doses so your teeth don't fall out from the sweetness. Those of you who are not a soupy mass of doughnut batter at the prospect of more chubby Chetter, just hang on. There will be more Guyana birds and animals coming up Tuesday night.


ahhhh, with that first picture I thought you were doing a post on space aliens from the planet Zorka... good to know it was just Chet B. before his prime. Happy B-day Chet -- 28 is a very good year... as best I remember it :-(

One soupy mass of doughnut batter here! Considering I live "just up the road a piece" from Jane, it's a wonder I don't camp out and say--give me all your puppies (ahem--actually, let me BUY all your puppies)!
Much as I would love to do that, I just read that dogs experience jealousy, and the resident dog here would be jealous jealous jealous!

Ahhhs around the world for that beautiful chubby pup. Chet, you grew up to be handsome and spoiled - just as it should be!

Awwww... happy birthday Baker! I can just smell that puppy smell... is there anything better than that smell on a soft new puppy tummy?

*incoherent moaning noises*

Wendi & Fiona, puddles of puppy love

Big happy birthday wishes to the Chet-ster!

You rock, dawg.

He was just as handsome when a puppeh. Bella pee'd on those floors and Chloe squatted on that carpet once - all been replaced since then :o) Right, Jane?

Hard to believe he's four already. Still a young man.

Happy Belated Birthday Bacon!

Kisses and liver treats from Chloe, Bel-Bel, and Mare

Happy Birthday, Chet! From Liza and Ruby!

Yes,I was one of those you were hearing oohhing and aahhing over the puppy picture.

Newborn Bacon was so cute that, had he been mine, I would have had to take time off work. I would have had to lie down all day just from the cuteness. And fortunately, we can see from your blog, he has retained extreme cuteness.

oohhhhhhh love the puppy pics...Happy birthday Chet Baker

Happy Birthday Chet, you handsome devil you!

It's hard to believe he was a tiny little palm-sized puppy. Those pictures trump Cute Overload for cute-of-the-day. Thanks for sharing the squee-inducing pics. :-)

My husband is a pile of mush on the futon right now--paralyzed by Chet Puppeh Photos.

Thanks for sharing!

What adorable picture.

Happy Birthday Chet!

What a teeny bundle of love! Congrats to you all on his birthday!

OMG, Chet's baby pictures are so cute. I love his little ears.
Happy Birthday Chet Baker!

Do you have any photos of Chet kissing a baby manatee underneath a beautiful rainbow with flamingos flying across it--or would that be too much to ask? The Blog Traffic Cops want to know....

Bring on the mush and cute and doughnut batter! The more manatees and puppy pics the better. We are beginning day number four without power at our house in NH thanks to a terrifically damaging ice storm. Woodstoves and propane are keeping us warm and fed, but man, the house is a wreck! I'm going to have to boil a big pot of water for dishes tonight and give in to emptying out the freezers. It'll be a few more days of pioneer living, so I'm very happy to be reading this shiny, happy blog full of sunshine and warmth. Thanks!

Awww...Happy Birthday Chet!! There is not much cuter than a baby Boston. I was there to see my Augie born, I'll never forget it. :)

BOTB. Dude. Ain't nothin' stoppin' you from a few Chet Baker posts, too. Can't hurt, might help!

snarf snarf snarf

Happy birdday, Offisa Pup!

Adorable! Adorable! Adorable!

He's VERY cute!!!!

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