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Meet Ella

Thursday, November 1, 2007

photo by Bill Thompson III
Regulars on this blog know that Chet Baker has a special magic, and that my not-so-secret agenda is to cover the earth with Boston terriers. So it should be no surprise that some good friends of ours (heavily musically inclined) fell for Boston terriers, and decided to get one of their own. The stars aligned and they were able to contact Pups Will Travel and get a half-sister to Chet, who they named Ella Fitzgerald, in the new tradition of dogs named for jazz greats. If you follow that link, beware. There are some terminally cute puppehs there right now.

We finally met Ella on the weekend of October 20. She is cute squared.

Of course, she had to greet me with ten million kisses and some gnaws. Googly eyes a-poppin'!another one by BT3

Ack! I'm being tatacked!

Ella's a lovely little thing. Her daddy weighs only 15 lb., so I doubt she'll attain Baker's 24-lb weight or height. He's getting to be such a big boy, filling out (doubtless aided by filched Honey Nut Cheerios and pizza crusts). photo by Proud Mether
She's delicate, light-boned, and not very big for her age (six months).
But man, is she a character. Completely full of Boston baked beans, she is. Her Tennessee t-tail stands straight out, all the time, which should tell you something about her spirit.

I know, I know. Raisins are poisonous to dogs. But Ella got intrigued when I blew air through the empty box, making it squawk. I gave her the box to chew, but she decided to hang on to it, giving any dog cognisciento we passed a quick little heart attack.
This is Jeff. In addition to looking fabulous in black, he has a terrific new blog, Jeff's Little Ship of Music, where he freely dispenses his encyclopedic knowledge of music, old and new. I dunno, does he look like a music head? I have advised him, in my gentlest blog-matriarch way, that if he really wants traffic, he's GOT to post about the dog. As yet, he's remained true to his artistic ideal, and hasn't figured out that it's really all about the dog.

I would not want to try to get this box from Ella. She's a headstrong little lady.Speaking of gremlins...

How I wished we could have had Baker along to meet his half-sister. I also wish you could hear the sound track to this post. It's Bill, roughhousing with Chet, who keeps leaping onto the couch and putting progressively bigger and slimier toys in Bill's lap. There's barking and laughing and thumps and thuds, smacks, growls and jingling tags. Cheap fun in Whipple.
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