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Chet's Baby

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chet Baker is really tough on stuffed toys. It usually takes him anywhere from ten to forty seconds to open a seam, remove the squeaker, and strew Hollofil from one end of the house to the other.
But he feels differently about stuffed Boston terriers.
I bought this puppy-two of them, actually, in December 2004 at a Toys R Us when Chet was still just a bunch of puppy pictures pasted into emails from his breeder, Jane Streett. Christmas was coming, and the kids knew they were getting a puppy, but, having been born on December 12, he wouldn't be ready to leave his mama until (gulp) February 2005. The kids were so anxious to hold him in their arms that I had to do something, so I got them each a stuffed Boston terrier. It helped.

Naturally, since they've got Baker to hug now, the stuffed versions have fallen into disuse. This is how Chet comes by most of his stuffed toys.

When Chet was first introduced to this toy, he treated it exactly as he would a real puppy. He sniffed inside its ears and under its tail.
He licked its face.
Sniffed its ears again. The more he licks it, the more it smells like a real puppeh.
When we pick it up and hold it, he watches us intently, as if he's worried we'll drop it or mistreat it. It's Chet's baby.He knows to go find it when we ask, "Where's your baby?"
But we have to watch him, because he licks its face so much, and sometimes sneaks in just the tiniest nibble on its eye or ear or nose.
I called him the other night to come in and keep me company while I read--Jane Goodall's new biography, signed to me!!--thanks, Lisa and Taryn! -- a terrific, utterly absorbing book. Normally, this is an invitation I don't have to extend twice. He didn't come. I peeked into the living room.
Chet was grooming his baby. He tries to get all the long fibers off its ears, and of course more follow those, and those have to be nibbled off. He gets a little weird about it. He overgrooms it, while pretending he's taking care of it. You said it was my babeh, Mether. Leave us alone. Ah'm being a parent.

I have to limit his access to his baby. I put it up on a high shelf when I think he's had enough time with it.
No you do not have to do that. I would never hurt my baby. He likes it when I suck his ears.

But you might lick a hole in him, or nibble his nose, eyes or ears off, and then what would you do?
I would take his stuffing out for good measure. The eye socket is a good place to start.
Exactly my point.

Mether's note: Since this post was written, antblogger style, Chet Baker has in fact removed his baby's left eye, and now is allowed only supervised visitation. Good thing he had a nutectomy. Some dad he'd make.

Mether's second postscript: Now both eyes are gone. Chet's babeh is blind!


What a great way to wind down! Nutectomy!!! Seriously! I love this. After reading so many endearing tales of Chet, my new favorite dog is of course a Chet Baker-type...

Belly laughs here in Arizona.

I'm new to this blog (met Chet on FB) and this post about Chet's babeh is a real LOL one. How cute. I love love love Chet's "voice!"

You could give Chet's babeh an eye transplant...buttons work fine.

Our dog does not have a mini-her, but she also loves going after eyes and squeakers. When she begins to dissect a stuffed toy, I put it up on the shelf. Periodically, I take down all the stuffed toys needing mending, and stitch away. She has gotten to know the sewing basket means refurbished toys, and hangs around until I am done.

We have an Australiaan cattle dog mix whose 'babeh' is a stuffed frog.She carries it around,licks it,has never so far chewed on it. Has had I'd for several years and it is still in really good shape -- luckily it is washable! Linda

Posted by Anonymous August 29, 2011 at 2:58 PM

WE have yet to find dog toy, stuffed, unstuffed, rubber, or otherwise that Bella will not destroy. I take that back, there are the marrow bones, but they are FOOD and hurt things when you throw them. She has ONE toy left from her childhood, a stuffed chicken slingshot, that when it was new, terrified her by the noise it made. When it was the LAST toy in the basket, she decided it was only a noise, and that it meant her no hard, and it became the favorite (and only, of course)toy. It current has a chewed through slingshot, no head, one intact wing, and some fabulously filthy legs hanging down. FILTHY. I am embarrassed when she gets it out and proudly presents it to guests.

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