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Snowy Easter, Naughty Baker

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Phoebe's basket was heavy on the clothing and drawing materials. Our Easter bunny is a pragmatic, low-sugar bunny.

It wasn't hard to see where the Easter Bunny went when she was hiding eggs (dressed in a down parka and stocking hat and boots) on Easter morning. There were big fat tracks in the snow. Once the kids noticed that, finding all the dyed eggs and baskets was a snap!

Liam wrote the following classroom essay on manila paper about his Easter basket, which contained a stuffed Boston terrier (which he adores) and some Cars and Spiderman boxer shorts (like his dad, he's a boxer guy).


In my Easter basket the other day, I dug and dug until I found a puppy.
Then I dug an dug again. Then I found some underpants.

This effort garnered him a 100 in English and a 95 in Writing. Plus a sticker with a tiger on it that says TERRIFIC! And no doubt a chuckle from his teacher. Liam's the kind who would pull down his pants to show her his Lightning McQueen...This morning, I was packing lunches. I've been raiding their baskets for lunch treats since Sunday. I left them on the bed, since they were almost empty, just a couple of malted milk robin eggs in each one. And came back to this:What are you looking at, Mether? I am just sitting here on the bed, as I often do in the morning. Hmmm? I do not know what you are talking about. There is no grass hanging from the corner of my mouth. Why would there be grass in my mouth?
There were no robin eggs in these baskets when I found them. Liam must have taken them.
Mether: Let me smell your breath, you lying sack of sugar. Aha! Malted milk!
She used the breathalyzer on me! Busted!


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