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A Day Well Spent

Monday, January 29, 2007

Howdy! Just home from a day at WOUB, our local NPR affiliate. I drove through four inches of fresh powder on our driveway and township road--innocent of sand, cinders or salt. Slid around on ice on the county road, in the tracks of other intrepid souls. They let us deal with it ourselves out here.
I was on air for part of two hours, exhorting listeners to call in and get their donated copy of Letters from Eden when they gave at the $90 level. We raised $500 for the station. What a good feeling, and what fun to chat with Jeannie Jeffers and Chris Riddle on air. I dig radio.

In that vein, this is just a quick post to tell you that one of my commentaries--on the OK 1902 beech tree I blogged about not long ago--will air on All Things Considered at about 4:55 and 6:55 today. If you miss the first airing, try for the second. It will air right after the sad story of Barbaro, the gallant race horse who, unable to heal from complications of a shattered leg, was finally euthanized today.
If you miss the commentary, you'll find it archived here.
My boyfriend's coming back! winging over Georgia as I write, no doubt. Gotta scramble around and straighten up. Why, who knows. Just feels right.
Bill first found the writing on the beech's trunk about 14 years ago, and it's been a special tree for him all along. He goes down into the woods to check on it. Our checks are more like a wake these days, since it came down.


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