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Waiting by the Phone

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh, man. The outpouring of love and support for us and our bi-racial (black and white) third child is overwhelming. (Thanks, Erin, for that apt description of Chet). Rondeau Ric losing sleep over him, how sweet. He's a soul man. Maureen, the angel who helped me and Bill get our blogs syndicated on LiveJournal, sending this beyond adorable get well card from her precious pooches, Jack and Robin. Toy fox terriers ROCK. So do you, Maureen. I don't know about you, but I think there was a treat involved in the taking of that picture.

I got a note today from a biology teacher in Virginia named Denise. In an earlier email, she shared her experience with her Akita, Alex, who turned up with an unexplained fever and lethargy that hospitalized her for a mysterious and worrisome week. She said,

"Julie I'm the biology teacher from Virginia that emailed you Monday re: Chet and told you about my Akita Alex who had "whatever" it was that put her into lethargy and not being herself...and having the vet say we aren't sure, come visit every afternoon..etc. Anyway...I'm keeping Chet in my thoughts...not that I'm not doing that anyway BUT Alex's vet's name was Dr. Lutz and SHE saved Alex's life. Coincidence? I prefer to think of it as a good sign. I swear, karma and dog friends on high are watching out for Chet! Thanks for keeping us informed. Denise

I've heard from dog owners from all over, and other people who just want to show support. It's a little overwhelming, but we appreciate it so much. I've been sitting by the phone all day, hoping to hear something, but Dr. Lutz's office is closed today, and though there are people there caring for the animals, nobody's answering the phone. I called and left a message, just a hi-I'd-love-to-hear-anything kind of message, and hope I may get a call tonight. I had planned to go today and take Chet out to the car--a place where he feels happy--and just hold him and breathe in his scent, but it was not to be. Perhaps it's just as well--we'd both have been crushed when I had to return him to his kennel.
I'm doling out my favorite pictures from Chautauqua, though I'd much rather be photographing Baker in real time. Here he is with Cooper, the 5-month-old Peke-a-poo who was his best playmate. Chet Baker was incredibly gentle, taking Cooper's stature and age into account when they played. He immediately lay down to give Cooper better access and make him feel comfortable. For his part, Cooper showed the obligatory obeisance, rolling over on his back when they first met, then relaxed and set about gnawing on Baker's soft jowls with his milk teeth, killing him softly with puppy breath. Never a growl or snap from Chet, just smiles. Standard French poodles don't know what they're missing. They've got Baker guessed wrong.


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