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I'm Back

Monday, May 8, 2006

I'm back from West Virginia, with Bill, the kids, and Chet, and we're all fried crisp, as predicted. Our dear friend Jim McCormac was there, and he was busy with his camera, and he found the time to post some amazing shots from the festival, including some of us in action, and yes, even a very cute one of Chet, the juvenile "pied mountain boar," and his Phoebe. So please, please, click on this link to see Jim McCormac's beautiful blog, while I schlepp around town reprovisioning our disaster of a house, do laundry, and check to see if my Carolina chickadees have been born. Thank you, Jim, for being Zick for a day. I'll be back tomorrow, I hope, with my own reflections on West Virginia. Sometimes it's all just too much.


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