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Messy Dog

Sunday, April 30, 2006

There's been a load of botany and horticulture here lately, and I can feel you Chet Baker fans keening for your pup. So I present the down side of Chet Baker, and I daresay Boston terriers in general. Heck, it's the downside of all dogs except poodles. Who have their own downsides. Someone who owns two of them tells me she has to pull their ear hair once a week. Ow!Baker helps too much. Here, he's pulling on the rope that raises and lowers our martin nesting gourds. Oh, thank you. That's a big help.
He is not good to his toys. The only ones that survive his attacks now are the canvas postman and referee made by Doggie Hoots. The rest are toast from the minute he sinks his teeth into their seams.Patrick Starfish held up for a long time, perhaps because it wasn't even meant to be a dog toy. But during American Idol Wednesday night, Baker got into his groin and eviscerated him most gruesomely.
There is Patrick stuffing all over the house. I finally threw the limp rag away tonight, but not before two more salvos of Hollofil, and one big Baker upchuck that consisted of Hollofil laced with Royal Canin dog chow. Bleeeeah.
This is the time of year when Baker changes his coat from winter to summer. So he gets rid of it all over the place. But especially on flannel sheets. Because the camera didn't know what I wanted to focus on, I had to put a quarter down on the bed. It has no other significance than as a focal point. Yes, we sleep in this. Bleeeah. Big Baker downside.Is he worth it?
Yes, He Is.
Hair? What hair? Is there a problem?


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