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Chet Likes Ice

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I love walking with Chet, because I can see the world through his eyes, and imagine what he can smell. He's a very visual guy, and is driven to investigate things he's never seen before. Today,he pointed at something across the Chute, and it took me awhile to figure out what he was so interested in. After staring and sniffing the air, he plunged down the steep side of the streambed to investigate. He had found the first big icicles of the year. This is one of the things I like about Chet (and there are so many). He notices everything. The joy he takes in discovering his world is infectious, and I find myself looking forward to our hikes as much or more than he does. When the weather keeps us inside for a few days at a time, he's visibly depressed, and he sleeps too much. We both need a ramble every day to keep our minds sharp.

I have to say it's good to be home, on my own blog. I've really enjoyed keeping Sharon's blog for her; it was a whole new world for me. Being able to show you what I find interesting and beautiful is an amazing exercise. I got a call from my friend Jeff Gordon today; he said Sharon was at the airport as of about noon, so she should be checking in at any time now. I would imagine there are some people and pets to hug before that happens, though.
This is a farm we look down at on our walk. The north slope is always

cloaked in snow for weeks after everything else has melted. I never tire of the patterns made by the bare trees and their shadows on the snow, or the gentle curve of the hill we stand on. Still, this kind of land use is pretty tough from the standpoint of erosion, and running cattle on such steep slopes makes it worse. But it's what happens to most of the land around us: it's clear-cut, and then put into pasture. It's used hard. Our land was used like that for decades. It's only just now catching its breath. Our forest is young, but we have some nice big oaks and hickories that I'm sure are wondering when we're going to cut them down. How about never? Does never work for you?


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