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Love at First Sight

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I first photographed them on January 25, 2017, way out in the meadow. I could only see enough on them to know I didn't recognize them: three deer: a doe and twins, with black briskets. Black briskets are something I see in deer now and then, a trait that seems to run in families. They show up well in poor light and at a distance. I have to think such distinguishing characteristics help deer tell each other apart when they're too far away to pick up scent.

The doe's in front. Mark her're going to see her again.

On January 29, I spotted a fawn in the meadow along our driveway just before dark. It looked like an Ewok to me. I couldn't miss that black brisket in the gloaming!

Then it turned and flounced away,  tail wagging side to'll remember this photo.

February 2.  I'm walking out to catch the sunset which is doing some very nice herringbone patterns in cobalt violet and indanthrone blue with a peach underlay when I decide to turn around and head out the driveway. Call it a little voice. I wondered if the deer family I was calling The Blackbriskets might be there now.

I can't believe my luck as I make out the backs of three grazing deer. The first one to pick up its head is a fawn. I notice wide black rims around its ears and an appealing face.

Next, the doe stops feeding to see what her child has noticed. The second fawn is still oblivious.

Mama's partially obscured by branches, but as she comes to full attention, she stops my heart and takes my breath away. She's big and rangy and smooth and oh my gosh she's beautiful.

Being a doe, she decides to investigate, and she moves forward a bit to get a better look at me as I stand perfectly still, my camera to my eye. She can't make me out very well. Good Lord. What a beauty she is!

She's seen enough. Her fawn has been whistle-snorting this whole time-PHEW! PHEWW!! which means "Let's get lost!"
They turn and run as a family.

I have no right to expect it, but I hold my ground and am thrilled when they stop and whirl around to have one last look back at me. What luck! I get all three in one photo again. Now I know that I've got two sets of photos of The Blackbriskets. And all I want is to see them again. I'm dying to photograph that doe in decent light. I've never seen anything quite like her. The word "Perfect" comes to mind.

Happy Valentine's Day! Are you as saturated with YOU MUST DO THIS OR MISS OUT hype as I am?   Sodden. A good reason to ditch social networking for awhile. 

Well. No candle-lit dinner on the docket. Who can afford that? Can't take chocolate any more. Keeps me up. Same with wine. And hold the dozen roses. I already grow my own. I'll take two of these peppermint beauties live and on the hoof over a dozen longstems.

Love what you've got.

Smuggled this back from Brattle Square Florist in Cambridge MA in early December. Couldn't leave it there.

Who needs cut flowers when there are live ones to be snorgled, great fat new buds opening daily?

Gardenia "Golden Magic" whose flowers age to bright yellow, who smells divine, a grocery store find from last spring.

                                                                      Bloom where you're planted. 

Four gardenias pumping out a heady tropical fragrance under twinkly lights,  little gas heater warming it all with Marcellus Shale special high BTU free gas.

 There are deer in the meadow, perhaps a timberdoodle dancing, too. 

That's a Valentine to remember.


I saw the largest herd of deer I have ever seen in one spot last weekend. We counted 54 deer coming from a field going into a forested area. Amazing to see so many at one time. I was surprised because I know there are a lot of hunters in the area and the area wasn't flooded. Hmmmm. What a delight to find such perfection in your meadow. I can almost smell your gardenia. Happy Valentine's Day.

The Blackbriskets are so charming and beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to them. And thanks, Julie, for teaching me a new word, a new color, today, indanthrone blue, so beautiful in your exquisite sunset photo. Looked it up! Learned something new!

So exciting to be able to identify individuals! I have been taking second and third looks at the pix I have from my trail cams and my regular camera, and am seeing individual markings. So much fun~

Now that is a gift.

You are truly blessed. To have families of creatures, like the Blackbriskets, to commune with, and also to have such a delightful place as the greenhouse to thumb one's nose at the cold. Your posts (usually) make me smile. (Sometimes they make me cry... but not today.)

Snorgle. A verb describing involuntary reaction to sight & scent of flower of gardenia.
And, was a bit surprised when I enlarged the shot of the greenhouse. I felt a rush of endorphins, as if I had actually stepped in! Thank you for that!

Gorgeous creatures! Love their snorts and takes many forms, does it not???

What is a timberdoodle?

I read your post when available (internet here sucks)... and especially since I'm from SE Ohio (Athens) it means so much more... And (probably the best thing)... brisket means so much more to me than a cut of meat. I miss my "homie" deer... (we had our own "Ellen" 20 years ago)... but thanks so much for your "reality check". We may live in Mexico, but my heart is still back with your deer, your bobcat, and your birds.

Indanthrone blue added to my vocabulary, thank you for that! I've got lots of posts to catch up on and can't wait to see more. Binging away...

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