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Happy Birthday, Corey!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Ut-oh. I've never done a birthday post for someone who wasn't an official member of the family, or our dog. What could it mean? Well, today is Corey's birthday; I'm breaking my rule because he's 22 today I say I say I say he's TWENTY-TWO YEARS OLD and that, son, is not very old for all the things that boy can do.

Just picked up ukelele, then guitar, and he's already good at it, durn him.

Anyone who cleans and organizes my spice cabinet out of pity and a desire to introduce order to chaos has my undying gratitude. I try to keep it nice. But tonight I put a spice mix on the Unmixed  Spices shelf. I did that. You're going to have to come back and set me straight again. Soon, please.

But organizing cabinets is only one of his virtues. He has a romantic streak a mile wide, and he loves to surprise Phoebe, loves to keep her guessing. He showed up as a complete surprise once to take her to a formal dance at Bowdoin. She'd been planning to go with a bunch of friends, so she had a dress all picked out, but...sigh. He took a bus from Boston to Maine and texted her that afternoon, asking her to look out her dorm room window.

SQUEE!! Phoebe about keeled over. Needless to say, so did I when I got this from Phoebs.


He's teaching her to dance, the old-fashioned way. This is a Promenade. It's OK that there's no music, and we're on turf on Front Street. Just work with me here.

When he comes to visit there are pies, cookies, bars, arrghh. And they're all so good. We're helpless. He bakes. Lord, he bakes.

Liam adores him, and it's no wonder. Corey and Phoebe have always included him in whatever they do, never once treating him like a pesky little brother. 

 Saying goodbye after Corey's first visit to Indigo Hill.

July, 2013

Somebody's done a whole lot of growing since then!
January, 2017--Liam's taller than his honorary bro.

Also from 2017's visit, my favorite of a zillion favorite photos of Corey and Phoebe. He's caught her a New Year's bullfrog!

This gifted fellow has brought so much joy to our lives, in so many unexpected ways. He's like a bloomin' onion! peeling back the layers, to find yet another wonderful thing he can do.

Who could forget the lady bobcat Corey caught on trailcam a couple Julys ago? Probably James' mama!!

To be followed by Corey's latest unexpected gift: placing a longterm trailcam on our sanctuary. This is only the first of what I'm sure will be many howlers. Gack. I holler and whoop when he downloads his photos. As you have seen (remember the Owl on the Dingus?) He's got the camera running out there, and we're going to wait until he visits again to look at what he gets. This was from the test placement. Turned out to be a good spot!!


Happy birthday, Corey Christopher Husic. You are a gift in every way. Thank you for gracing our lives!!

photo by Kris Macomber, atop the tower at Sweet Auburn.

And now, Phoebe's favorite fiddle tune: Maggie Mead, in a morning hoedown in our kitchen. What joy! What a boy.

Bill: I'm sorry about the legs. If it helps, I think it's cute. I like to watch Carmelita bounce as you strum. Had to get Corey's socks in there, Chet Baker looking for fiddlecrumbs too.

xoxoxox Co hurry back we miss you all the time! Love, Mai


Wow! What a great guy and a wonderful tribute to him!

Happy Birthday Corey!!

You do the GREATEST birthday tributes!! And MY b-day was yesterday -- I'm 3 times older than Corey with one third of his talents
:( (but you can't go wrong with Aquarians! :)
(p.s... you called it "Maggie May" in post, where I think you meant "Maggie Meade" -- showing your age to the whole Rod Stewart generation).

@Cyberthrush, happy birthday! I love Aquarians; my track record proves it. Thanks for the correction on Maggie May. Duly fixed! The bad news is I completely identify with Maggie whenever I hear that song. :D "The morning light when it's in your face..." Yeah, well, Rod, let's talk about that.

Happy birthday Corey!! May you have many wonderful years ahead!

Corey and Bill sound great! Your young folks give me a glimmer of hope for the world and Corey fits !!

ACK!!! When is the CD coming out?

Happy birthday, Corey! Would you like a claw from the Boneman?

Happy birthday Corey!

One of a kind guy! Phoebe is a lucky gal, and you all are lucky he's a part your lives as well!

You'd better wish him a happy birthday here every year from now on; he IS family. Family is NOT restricted to people who share one's DNA. The most important members of one's family are those who share a piece of your soul, not necessarily your genes.

Happy birthday, Corey! You have FANS! Woo-hoo!

Posted by Anonymous February 7, 2017 at 3:46 AM

Love the turkey. How will you be able to wait 'til he gets back in town??

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