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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dog photography, or dogtography, as I like to call it, is a dance between the photographer and her subject. 

I have two modes when I'm shooting Chet Baker. This is Mode 1, which involves a bit of coaching and back-and forth. It's a bit like the old cliche of the fashion photographer who goads his subject to strike ever-more-outrageous poses by raving and cheering her on. For the gender sensitive, please switch the pronouns in that sentence. I could definitely see being a fashion photographer to those Calvin Klein boys.

Chet Baker was trying to catch a few Z's when I noticed his ultracute paw position. You'll see he has an antler tucked into his bed, too, for those sudden urges to chew.
Always with the antler.

Chet Baker. Are you asleep?

 Hunh? I was... What is it?

Chet Baker. What if there was a SQUIRREL out there?

A squirrel? Do you think there is a squirrel out there? Like, on the feeder?

 I happen to know that you are lying, Mether. There is no squirtle out there. I can tell by the way you said it, and the fact that you are not looking out the window, because you are pointing your camera at me.

It is going to take a lot more than the rumor of a squirtle to get me out of my warm cozy Dogburger.

I know. I'm sorry, Bacon. But thank you for the pictures. My favorite is the one where your little purple lip is hanging down, where you are starting your yawn. 

In my next post, I will explore Mode 2 of Dogtography, a far less obtrusive mode, which can result in photographs rich with mystery and meaning.


I now want a red blankie and antler for Xmas.

Out-loud chuckling and a smile on my face. Great dogtography! Thank you, Julie and beloved Chet Baker!

Cute photo story.

He knows you so well.

Indeed--he knows you so well! Ha. No fake squirtle sighting story will rouse him. Good dog, Chet!

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