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Chet Baker: Now We Are Ten

Friday, December 12, 2014

From The not Writer's Almanac: Today is the birthday of Chet Baker, Boston Terrier,  born December 12, 2004, in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, by Peanut Brittle out of Miss Chili Bean. Grandparents: Handsome Boy and Maeve Bean.

Newborn Bacon with fresh bellybutton photo courtesy Jane Streett, Pups Will Travel 

Baker is a poet, musician, entertainer, chipmunk exterminator and writer, but he is known best as a muse to the writer Julie Zickefoose, who toils in relative obscurity except for the blogposts she writes about her canine companion.

photo by Bill Thompson III

From an early age, Baker loved the camera, and as a small puppy, upon hearing the Schwingg! Zickefoose's first camera, a small Olympus point and shoot, made when it was turned on, he trotted over and posed, ready to make Internet history.

and yes I am fully aware of the double entendres in that sentence

Chet Baker has two siblings, Liam

and Phoebe

and a doting Daddeh

all of whom he loves very much

but he will not leave the yard without Mether.

photo by Bill Thompson III

Of their relationship, Baker wrote, "It is good for a dog of my caliber to have a reasonably literate person with nimble fingers, whom he may enlist to type his thoughts for him. Our kind has been held back by our clumsy and inflexible paws, and it is only when one finds a meet scribe that the world may truly know what goes on in the mind of a Boston terrier, or any other dog, for that matter."

I burdied something. I am not saying what it was, but it may have been lima beans.

Chet Baker keeps fit and active by running regularly

and posing for many dozens of photographs each and every day. He writes,

"When all is said and done I will probably be the most-photographed dog in history, or at least in Ohio. What Mether will do with all these photos, only Heaven knows. Perhaps there will be a Chet Baker Museum in my future. Or at least a book about me. People would like that."

 Once she finishes her next bird book, Zickefoose will follow the plan her dog has set out for her and resume work on a book about Chet Baker's life. She writes, "It's interesting to write someone else's memoir, to go through his life and pick out the high points and the low points, and to realize that his life is really yours, too. That's how close we are. He is my constant companion, my familiar, my muse, and I don't want to imagine a world without him. So I'd better get cracking and describe this one the best I can. Because there never was a dog like Chet Baker."

Happy birthday, my beloved Chet Baker. You just get better and better. 

Let's write some more chapters, shall we?

 Connecting to the spirits at Waxler Church, December 7, 2014


Chet is one lucky doggeh! And I agree with him, everyone should have at least one "reasonably literate person" in their lives (not certain if all our Congressmen do?).
Anyway, have a great day Chet, and may you be showered in gifts and find something totally gnarly to roll around in for the occasion.

Happy birthday, Chet Baker! It is indeed exceedingly fortunate that you were able to find the right channel in Julie! I'm sure that you're well aware that not every human can adequately read canine thoughts, let alone be able to interpret them and write them in a way that shows you to be the intelligent dog that you are! The best most people can do is read your body language, and that can only go so far. May you always be well and happy! *Hugs*

Posted by Anonymous December 12, 2014 at 4:09 AM

Looking good, Chet, Happy Birthday

A pleasure this morning to celebrate Chet Baker. Have a joyous birthday, Chet (and Mom).

Big wishes for the best birthday ever! I adore you, Chet Baker, and love hearing about the adventures you have in Ohio.

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I think we only get one chance to build a perfect relationship between ourselves and a dog. So glad you have had ten years with your perfect dog.

Happy Birthday Chet Baker!

Love Love Love Love Love this post !!! Thank you for sharing your and Chet's days with us.

Darlene, an adoring fan !!

Posted by Anonymous December 12, 2014 at 6:40 AM

You really do have a wonderful life, Chet Baker. Happy birthday to you. xxx

Posted by Gail Spratley December 12, 2014 at 6:52 AM

This wonderful read put me over the edge, it did.

You said, "...and to realize that his life is really yours, too."


Happy birthday Chet Baker!
Your puppy shots are adorable however, your adult photos show a mature,responsible, composed individual.
Now go roll in something stinky.

Fart on Dude.

Happy birthday Chet Baker!
Your puppy shots are adorable however, your adult photos show a mature,responsible, composed individual.
Now go roll in something stinky.

Fart on Dude.

Happy birthday to the beautiful Chet Baker. He is a very lucky puppy to have found such a wonderful scribe and a family of loving companions.

Happy Birthday Chet! Me Rat Terrier Tango is also born on Dec 12 and is turning into my daughter's heart dog! must be a great month for dogs. It also means I've been following you mom's blog and posts for 10 years. Love them!

Posted by Anonymous December 12, 2014 at 9:44 AM

Happy birthday, you cute little guy! I'll bet that you've brought great joy and laughter to your two- footed family members. May you be blessed with many more years.

Chet's ossumocity is legend, and I wish him the coziest, happiest, best loved and most photographed future any good dog could wish for. Happy B-day, Chet!!!


Birthday Congratulations, Chet Baker! I hope we get so see you wearing a beautiful new sweater soon! You look so adorable in them.

Happy Birthday to you Chet Baker! You are the one doggeh I can honestly say I love as much as my own pups!
Bully breeds rock!

I will place an advance order for a Chet Baker book. His adventures and his life bring such joy--he is wonderful!

Posted by Anonymous January 16, 2015 at 9:26 AM
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