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Chet Baker and Wally the Kooikerhondje: Trick Time

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We kept a Dutch Kooikerhondje named Wally for a little over a week while his owners (Oona's family, for those who've been reading this blog since dinosaurs walked the earth) were at the beach. This dog was bred to play in the water and attract ducks so the ducks could be shot. A Kooikerhondje is different in build and coloration from a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, which is a better-known breed. But both were bred to lure in wild ducks by fooling around at the water's edge.  Now, knowing a little bit about wild ducks, I find this little breed purpose fable hard to believe. But that's the story and they're sticking to it. And Boston terriers were bred to sit by their owners in the stands while the owners watched dogfights. Uh-huh. Chet Baker would definitely want to help with the dogfight. He'd be the last person I'd take to a dogfight, a giant pain in the *** at a dogfight. If I were the kind of person who went to dogfights. As if anyone who owned a Boston terrier would be into dogfights. Honestly. You see the problem. It simply can't be.

Wally is one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen, with a kind, sweet demeanor and the most luxuriant silky fur imaginable. Note the little black "earrings" of hair adorning his ears. A breed trait. The function of the earrings is...oh, never mind.   Wally is a little timid compared to Chet, and his bag of stupid pet tricks perhaps not stuffed quite so full as Chet Baker's. They get along terrifically well, with only one big snarling bout when Wally tried to horn in on Chet's chicken livers. In order for any dog to get along with Bacon, he must acquiesce dominance entirely. Then things will go just fine. Wally was awesome on our runs, forging out well ahead of me and Chet, but always coming right back when called, and dropping to lie down on the shoulder when a car passed. Ol' Silverchops and I ran that dog's pretty little feet off. We did two 6.8 milers, several 4.8's...he loved it all.


So Phoebe thought she might send Wally home with a new trick for his family to enjoy, and tried to teach him to shake hands. Watch what happens when she settles in for a little training session. Please do not miss the very beginning of the video, when Chet Baker is just finishing an impressive Roll Over in an attempt to gain Phoebe's attention. Gack. I grabbed my phone and made this amateur vid. I did remember to turn the phone on its side this time. But forgot not to cackle into the mic. Sorry. Again.

I'm old enough to remember Jack Benny. If you are, and I bet you are, see if Chet's withering stares at me remind you of anyone...

Nobody puts Baker in a corner!


Chet Baker as Jack Benny... hilarious!
...and I assume Phoebe has signed up for Canine Training 101 (or perhaps 102) at Bowdoin?

Oh, yes. Jack Benny for sure. And there was loud cackling from the audience here as well.

Thanks so much for the good laugh! Bingo feels Chet's pain.

That was our household last year when our rescue poodle-esque dog joined our family. Bingo learns tricks so quickly and is completely disgusted by our attempts to teach the new dog anything.

The poodle-esque dog would give Wally a run for his money in the "I have no idea what you're saying" department if it extends beyond his name and come. A year later and he's finally learned what "Do you want your dinner?" means. We're not anticipating entering him in any contests. :)

Oh, this is good! Cackling here as well. Not even 7 in the morning. Chet--your facial expressions are to roll over and die for (ha ha) AND you listen so well to commands even when they're not for you. Wally DID do a great trick at the end: turning his head around and getting the treat off his back. Bingo!

Thanks you for a fun laugh !
And, YES, I definitely saw a bit of Benny in Bacon ! :)

Darlene Shamblin

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 2014 at 7:54 AM

I love the cackling. Makes me cackle too.

He knew what you were saying: "Lie down. Stay. Stay. Stay. OK!" Poor confuzzed doggie, he does want to please.

Continue cackling, snorting, etc!! I'm cackling and snorting right along with you! :D

Posted by Gail Spratley July 22, 2014 at 1:52 PM

She'll go far, our Phoebe.

Both dogs are handsome gentlemen but what caught my reading eye this time was the mention of Oona...yes, I've been reading that long.

The mention of Oona made me recall a scene. I saw her and her mom in passing in Giant Eagle when I returned to Marietta from northwest PA for a visit last month. It was delayed recognition on my part of her mom's familiar face, but I swear I heard Oona requesting Brie as they passed the cheese section.

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 2014 at 7:29 PM

This made my day!! Honestly, the look on Chet Baker's face....poor buddy.

Leaving this note w/out any judgement intended, but there's a more successful way to teach a dog how to sit. & it's not tricky. I taught my first (and so far only) dog how to sit using this technique, and she wasn't one of the smarter breeds (e.g. standard poodles) But she was my girl. Learned to sit, stay, lay down. She died on July 11, 2014. 15+ years old.

amzing to me that you can call Chet the "B word"... Words I cannot use casually in front of my dog:

ice cream

all of these elicit a near-violently enthusiastic search response :(

he DOES look exactly like Jack Benny

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