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Washington County Fair: Looking at Cows

Friday, September 6, 2013

The cows at the Washington County Fair this year were good. They were well cared for, and of a pleasing variety.

I wind up taking a lot of photos of cow rears, mainly because that's how they're tied up. But I also enjoy their diversity of shapes. This Holstein heifer has yet to develop her ginormous udder. Enjoy it while you can, hon; soon you'll have a 60-pound bag, that inflates to twice its size morning and night, there to deal with.

From left, Guernsey, Jersey, Ayrshire and Jersey calves.

A wee Hielan beastie!! The first I've seen at the W.C. Fair.

She was thirsty and her bucket was dry so Shila and I went to find someone to refill it.

Such a sweet little animal. To me, she was right out of a cave painting, something ancient.

 A beautiful Lineback.


and a sleek little Jersey. I love Jerseys. Richest milk of them all; the cream floats up solid and yellow to the top.

There were so many things to see, but as night fell the midway beckoned.

I absolutely love the velvety blue sky with the little lit food palaces sprinkled around. Evening is my favorite time at the fair.

You couldn't have found a vegetarian entree if you tried, and we did. 
Somebody was offering deep fried vegetables, but the line didn't move in a half hour so we gave up.

Each year I seek out this old John Deere gas engine which turns the crank on an ice cream machine. But it wasn't running just then. I always think of my dad, who loved to take his engines to fairs. He'd sit all day answering questions about them. One of his favorite moments was when two little girls started to dance to the rhythmic popping of the engine.

There will be other things to remark upon, like loofah/hot pepper/canna leaf arrangements. But for now,  this is probably enough. 


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