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Monday, September 2, 2013

It was a good run on a moist gray morning. First, a redtail, dropping her calling card for me to pick up. More on that below.

Then, an unmistakable silhouette on the road ahead. Chet knew what it was.

An old lady turtle, small but fat and heavy, her scutes worn smooth. Who can say her age or what she's seen? All I knew is that the tan car that would soon come barreling down the road as it does every morning was not going to crush this one. Not two minutes later, here it came, and there she wasn't. 

Because we drew near and we picked her up and moved her a few more feet to safety.

Hawk drops a feather

at my feet as she flies by

When does that happen?

And how to say thanks?

Wild things keep moving, knowing

Or never knowing

How they leave us here

below, agog, assigning

Wonder to nothing


Perhaps in the big circle of life this hawk was thanking you for saving that turtle's life. Well done, Julie and Chet!

A Hawks thank you.


Thank you
for sharing
these little bits
of your ever busier life.
All you reach out to
are very lucky!

Kathy in Delray Beach

I want to make a place in my life for the things I love too. I don't know how you survive, Julie, but you are an inspiration to me.

Beautiful poetry.

The hawk was no doubt thanking you for saving the life of the turtle. It doesn't matter that it thanked you first; Cause and effect are our attempts to explain the Universe. But the Universe is more than our feeble, three dimensional minds can grasp. I think that "pay it forward" is more the rule than "tit for tat". Because in the grand finale, we are all one.

Posted by Anonymous September 3, 2013 at 3:58 AM

It does sometimes seem that there are connections--things like this make me believe in it. Thank you for sharing.-Anita.

I've come back to this lovely meditation three times now. Thanks.

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