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Midwest Birding Symposium!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I can't believe it's been two years since the Midwest Birding Symposium happened at Lakeside, Ohio. It's coming around again. And I can't quite believe that, either. 

Seems like we were just there.

And wait. What happened to this summer, where did it go?

It's August. And then it will be September, and hundreds of happy birders and people who want to be birders and people who just like being outside and around others who appreciate nature will again convene on the beautiful Victorian village of Lakeside.

They'll hear lectures by top-flight speakers.

They'll be entertained by deft emcee Bill Thompson III.

They'll stroll the grounds looking for whimsy and beauty in Lakeside's many gardens.

The sun will smile and the breezes will be mild.

With crispy edges.

Maybe the waves from great Lake Erie will crash against the breakwaters, almost making us imagine we're on the seashore. But we are...on a fresh inland sea, but a sea no less.

There's something so freeing about being on a huge body of water.

MBS is like a big autumnal camp of happy people who share a desire to learn and celebrate birds and birdwatching.

There is a terrific vendor hall that grows and grows, and has everything a good little birder really wants for Christmas. You can pick up any binocular or scope you wish and try it before you buy it--or just dream about it.

Friendly Bird Watcher's Digest staff stand ready to assist you. Nobody hosts an event like BWD. Attention to detail and caring about your comfort and convenience are their focus, and they do it well.

Laura, Elsa and Wendy in uniform and ready to rock.

We'll go out looking for birds. Maybe another Kirtland's warbler will show up in 2013, setting hearts  pounding?

Jen Brumfield will be ready for it. Even in the lunch line.

I'm going. And so are our kids. And so is Chet Baker.

He will again be Official Greeter Dog of Midwest Birding Symposium.

This is a position that he takes very seriously. Many people come into enormous Hoover Auditorium every day, and they all need to be kissed and smiled at.

 Some come to the hall repeatedly. I think in some cases it is just for the dog.

 Daddeh will keep it all rolling along on schedule, lighthearted and fun.

 I'll be behind Chet Baker, showing art and signing books and giving a talk too. MBS is the only place I show art any more. I'm too busy making it.

If you'd like to learn more about MBS, click this link. But be ready to laugh.

Because MBS is above all, FUN. I am really looking forward to it. It's hard work for all of us, but it's also extremely fun. And I know from fun.

Come spend some time with us on the big inland sea. Meet friends old and new. Hear stimulating talks, go on field trips with other birders, gather and laugh and learn. I'll see you there. 
Register soon--it's only 45 days away!


It sounds wonderful but my daughter is getting married on September 21st! So I guess I'll have to wait til next time. Sorry Chet!

Anxiously watching that countdown clock! Seems like it's soon! Cover Chet's ears -- how many treats a day may I give him?

Posted by DallasD August 4, 2013 at 3:33 PM

Thinking and shuffling v-days to see if I can go...........

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