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Dog-Bombing. Again.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

If this little corner of southeast Ohio isn't the most beautiful place on earth, it's darn close. Sure, there's Fiji and New Zealand and Antarctica, there's the Swiss Alps and Taos and Greenland and oh I don't know how many other places much touted for their beauty. Maybe it's just that this is the kind of beauty I need, crawling with bugs and popping with blossoms. Plus, I love the skies and the clouds we get here.

So I try to capture it. I was working with this butterfly weed swarming with swallowtails. And there was this one impudent stalk of Queen Anne's Lace determined to spoil my composition. I didn't want to frighten the swallowtails, nor did I want to bend that stalk down, because it made me smile.

What if I were to frame this composition vertically? Would that work?

Wow. That's cooool. By George, I think I've got it! Wait. What's that in the background?

It appears to be an animal. Black.

And white. With a white face.

And it's taking a long loop around and headed directly for the subject of my photos, which is a butterfly weed all aflutter with swallowtails.

I have come to recognize the unique way this dog, whom I now recognize as my own Chet Baker,** apologizes for a small intrusion. He puts his ears back and sticks his tongue out. He does this when he knows he is doing something he shouldn't, but is compelled to do it.

You will not mind if I get into your composition, will you?

The problem was not the Queen Anne's lace. The problem is that there were too many butterflies. It was too busy. So there. I have gotten rid of the butterflies for you. They will not bother you any more.

I am sure you will wish to engage my services on your next photoexpotition. I am always available. Just yell BACON! and I will come running. Or you can try to sneak out without me. But you will not succeed.

**Truth be told I knew it was him all along.


Best. boy. ever [heart]. I just wuv him. Oh, and the photos are quite wonderful. That first one is glorious -- even without a photobombing by Chet :~)

Wish Chet could give our Ruby the basset hound some lessons because I have the opposite 'problem' with her... she's always running out of my photos! Love you, Chet Baker, keep on photobombing! Love the wildflowers, too.

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Funny and beautiful. And I do believe your part of the country is a very good place to live--I have Wisconsin in my bone marrow so I know green and clouds and loving it all. And Chet, you are something else--and I say that in the most endearing way. Here's a big hug to Bacon!

Absolutely adorable!

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 2013 at 6:46 AM
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