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New CD from The Rain Crows: "Dream of Flying Dream"

Friday, May 31, 2013

It's here! Woo Hoo!! "Dream of Flying Dream" is out, just a year after "Looks Like Rain." We're so excited about our new CD baby. It's hard to characterize The Rain Crows' music, but if I had to say how the CD's differ, I'd describe our first, "Looks Like Rain," as Americana-infused pop.

"Dream of Flying Dream" is more organic, folkier, more acoustic; undeniably Americana in theme and approach. We're singing about birds and old barns and dreams and big skies on this one. Most of these songs have come right out of Whipple, Ohio. All are original, written by US.

I think the new CD will speak to you, as someone who loves nature. But go see for yourself. Look just to the right of this post, on the sidebar, hit the button that looks like this

 and give a free, no-strings-attached listen to each of the tracks on the album(s).  Please note that clicking on this picture isn't going to've got to look to the right, in the sidebar, where it says Buy the CD. 

You can pay with PayPal and I'll send your CD out, First Class, that same day. Or you can send a check. Full instructions on the order form. 

That box turtle song everybody loves? First track on the album, "Little Soldiers." 

photo by Shila Wilson

Pick him up, carry him across!


Clicked on "BUY THE CDs CLICK HERE" and was directed to the images from this blog post...

Yes--please look just to the right, in the sidebar, find that same image you clicked on, and click on THAT one. That's the one that's live, that takes you to the order form. Sorry if it's unclear. I was just trying to show you what the button looks like.

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