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Snowy Chet Baker

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Warmer weather is finally on its way. It'll be a near-record low tonight in the 20's, but then they're saying it'll warm up.

I planted my snap pea plants out, several hundred of them, and I only broke two. I carefully separated them from their thickets in the long narrow planters where I'd started them in mid-March and set them out on Saturday, March 30. Only to cover them completely with straw, because night temperatures would dip to the 20's from then until now. I watered them in and told them to wait. And they have. They're perky and green under the straw, waiting for the warm, enjoying the filtered sun and maybe even the frigid nights. Peas are tough.

So it seems that I'd better get the last of these snowy Chet Baker shots posted before winter is finally in the rear view mirror.

Golly, I love taking pictures of that dog in his red coat in the snow.

I'm seeing more dog photo web sites, devoted to art shots of dogs in various situations. A coonhound named Maddie, who balances on weird things, is adorable and obviously very patient. A border collie who hides. Very cute stuff. I suppose I could do that, if I had time. Instead I blog here. Imagine this is a  spare artsy website and I am a famous photographer. Oooh, fancy.

Sometimes I lose him for a moment.

And then he pops back out, looking for voles.

He pounces, foxlike, and sticks his head all the way into the snow.

And comes out with snowbrows.

There will never be a better Chetcoat than his Woolrich letter jacket from Target. There will never be a better dog than Chet Baker.

He is so barrel-chested that he sometimes pops the Velcro wide open and runs around looking like a Calvin Klein ad, only with a dog instead of a delicious man-child.

One sexy beast, Chet Baker is, all filled out and still in his prime at eight. I've called him to come to me and let me fasten up his jacket again, and he's running straight at me.

He loves it when I get down on my knees to take his picture, because he can come and kiss me before I struggle back to my feet. I love that, too.

With every day I treasure him more, and I have to acknowledge the great and growing chamber he occupies in my heart. 

Executive decisions are being made by my soul's CEO. Shh. Also basking being done.

More snowy Bacon anon.


Wonderful post -- impossible not to love that dear boy. His jacket...! And really: best photos ever. Wuv Chet. Just. wuv. him.

I wuv him too. and oh the humor. no better Julie.

Posted by Dee Siddle April 3, 2013 at 2:34 AM

only you & Chet Baker could bring a smile to my face with the phrase "looking like a Calvin Klein ad" (normally that would be a downer).
Joyous post.

A good dog is a wonderful thing. But I feel so sorry for you, having to work so hard to get peas. I threw my seeds into little furrows in a raised bed and forgot about them, except to water them and the lettuce. That was back in February, at almost the end of planting time for peas. Now they are making pods and I need to go see if I have any ready to eat.

But I will definitely be leaving by May 6. The great side of being a nomad is not having to spend winters in the north or summers in the south. But I can't do much gardening when I'm in Zone 3 or less.

That dogeh is way cuter & more photogenic than any CK ad.I bet u could sell Chet kisses at Wa Co fair in a special booth

Posted by Sheila Z April 3, 2013 at 8:07 PM

In awe of your wide-ranging intelligence, creativity, energy, productivity, and success with plants, may I send a tiny suggestion? Inoculant -- beneficial bacteria -- and pre-soaking help with germination of peas. Inoculant is available from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Might help with next year’s experiment. Some say to start them outside on St. Patrick’s Day.
Lois, one of your quiet fans

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